Entertainment Link-Off: E Pluribus Anus

Happy Memorial Day everyone! To celebrate America’s kickoff to the summer, I’m here to cover the entertainment and pop culture beat. What contest in hell did you people win to deserve this? There are alternatives to reading me this weekend. Men In Black III and Chernobyl Diaries are opening this weekend. Actually, you’d be better off locking yourself inside and grabbing MiB1 and Paranormal Activity off Netflix instead. Anyway, let’s start with Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

What happens when a new technology threatens an ancient business model? A massive lawsuit! Fox, NBC and CBS are suing Dish Network over a new feature which eases skipping over ads on DVR. (Time)

After the jump, the death of the screenplay, scads of Community links and even Siri hates Chris Brown.

With Men In Black 3 coming out this weekend, it gives us a chance to highlight a growing trend in Hollywood. More and more movies are being rushed to theatres which is causing studios to cut corners on scripts. (Den of Geek)

Now we get into a gratuitous amount of Community links. First, here’s a look at the internal Sony memo about what should be said about Dan Harmon’s departure. The Coles Notes version is “We were always at war with Eastasia.” (SplitSider)

Here are some of the hard questions that are being asked in the wake of Dan Harmon’s firing from Community. (Vulture)

Talk about the business of TV all you want, from a purely entertainment perspective, Harmon got hosed by NBC and Sony. (Pajiba)

The new Community showrunners haven’t even really started their job and they’re already getting the business from fans. They’re already a victim of an amazing parody Twitter account. (UPROXX)

I have an article for you. Okay, it’s not actually me. The picture of the writer gives it away. But the writer has the same name as me so I should take credit. Anyway, Steve Murray (not me) examines if you a future university student should get into arts or science using Community’s Ken Jeong as an example. (National Post)

Did anyone catch the classic Pokemon Red/Blue easter egg in Community’s Digital Estate Planning episode? Don’t worry. Somebody else did. (Unreality)

A while back, someone complained that I used a Flickr picture of theirs for Wallpaper of the Week without their permission. It was posted publicly and I linked back to them but that wasn’t enough for him. For most people, that would be enough but artists are a bit weird. Anyway, that’s how you’re supposed to handle using other people’s content. Give them credit for their stuff and don’t steal it for your gain. (By the way, that photo had one click back to him which was the fewest of that week’s wallpapers. Nobody liked it apparently.) If you’re Jay Leno, you steal someone’s video and have it blocked off of YouTube because it becomes your intellectual property as soon as you steal it for your crappy Jay Leno Show. (SplitSider)

Did you know that Shadow of the Colossus is going to get the movie treatment? I almost regret never playing the game. That does little for my geek cred. (Gamma Squad)

Just for fun, here’s a GIF collection of Simpsons homages to movies with GIFs of the original scenes. (Warming Glow)

Just for Jackie, here’s a clip of a massive hit in the Australian Ice Hockey League. (Puck Daddy)

On the other side of this link is a video of voice actor all-stars reading the script to Star Wars as some of their most famous characters and celebrity impressions. Naturally, Rob Paulsen and Maurice LaMarche are sitting next to each other. (Nerdist)

It is inevitable that this parody trailer for Tetris is made into a real movie. Hollywood’s run out of ideas.

Even Siri thinks Chris Brown is a piece of shit. What’s your excuse Team Breezy?

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