Thursday Link-Off: Time Warp

Your regular mid-week links were pushed back to today so I could push our Save Community campaign. There is a Phase 2 for that but it can wait until next week. For now, here are Alison Brie and Gillian Jacobs from Community.

By now, everyone has seen or heard Bob Costas’ interview of Jerry Sandusky. Was that a good idea to help his defense? (Sports Illustrated)

As I pointed out yesterday, NBC has pulled Community from the mid-season schedule. Here are the stages of Community grief. (Uproxx)

The NHL All-Star Game voting started this week. It’s time to begin Project Mayhem. (Puck Daddy)

After the jump, fun with Peter King, fun facts about Monty Python and the Holy Grail and the rejected Top Gear theme song. Continue reading

Saving NBC’s Community: Phase One – Occupy

At the risk of sounding like I’m completely biased in this fight (which I am), those bastards at NBC are screwing us again. They’ve pulled Community from the mid-season schedule. While they say that the show hasn’t been cancelled, we can’t take this as an indication that the show won’t be cancelled. Industry insiders seem reasonably calm that the show will survive for another season because a fourth season will make it eligible to be syndicated which both NBC and Sony (Community’s studio) would benefit from.

I think it’s time we launch a pre-emptive strike to save one of the best shows on television. After all, similar fan campaigns have saved shows like Friday Night Lights. However, this needs a multi-pronged attack in order to ensure that our voices are heard. Phase One of our campaign to save Community is called Occupy. Continue reading

Wednesday Link-Off: Zombie Attack

Between The Walking Dead season premiere and Halloween coming up, this week’s linkdump has all sorts of zombie stuff in it. Let’s kick this off with the very unzombie-like Kristen Stewart. But maybe that’s because she’s more into sparkly vampires instead of zombies. Of course, if the Twilight vampires and warewolves weren’t such wussy bitches, Kristen’s character would be a vampire or warewolf by now.

First, let’s give you the complete guide to surviving the zombie apocalypse. (New York Magazine)

Fortunately for the sane members of the public, the obsession with zombies has overshadowed the teenage obsession with sparkling vampires. But why exactly are people obsessed with zombies? (Grantland)

And the zombie apocalypse has hit home the most in Georgia where Atlanta has embraced its new role as the zombie capital of America. (New York Times)

After the jump, RIM tries to bounce back, Community wrinkles some brains and zombie Christopher Walken wants more cowbell. Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: Alter the Ending

This week’s Entertainment Link-Off features Kristen Stewart. She’s currently starring in that vampire flick that all the ladies are flocking to this weekend. The books and movies might not be any good, but they’re doing a fine job sucking money out of people. Heck, I’m giving it free publicity by mentioning it here. Seriously, what’s so appealing about vampires that lacks the bite? Nevermind, they’re flailing over that dude who was offed by Voldemort.

After the jump more Twilight related stuff, Chuck returns, a few TV tidbits and a look at Dashboard Confessional’s latest album ‘Alter the Ending’. Continue reading

Wednesday Link-Off: Are You Having A Laugh

After reading that article Jackie hid in his last post, it was only fitting that Mila Kunis led off this post.

Even though this is an entertainment link, I’m misappropriating it for today. Here’s a hilarious must-read interview with Community stars Joel McHale and Chevy Chase. (New York Magazine)

If you’re a fan of Seinfeld, repeating jokes from the show at work will end up getting you fired. (Des Moines Register)

Looking for a musical act for your wedding reception? There are some high-quality acts available for your big day. Just don’t expect them to come cheap. (Daily Telegraph) And can someone explain to me how Paul McCartney doesn’t cost more than Aguilera, Winehouse, and Lopez?

After the jump, an Olympic hockey preview, Brett Favre the goat, and happy birthday Mr. McMahon. Continue reading

NBC Announces Primetime Schedule for 2009/2010 Season

nbc-shows-09-10You’ve already heard about the batch of new shows when NBC decided to announce part of its schedule earlier in the month. Now the full schedule is available for you to check out! Continue reading

NBC Announces Part of Their 2009/2010 Schedule! Should We Even Care?

carly-pope-1No not really, especially since the network decided to hold off the renewal announcement of its most buzzed about bubble show Chuck. Headlining the article today is Canadian actress Carly Pope. She will be appearing in the NBC “event series” called Day One. After the jump, previews for the 6 new NBC shows and my thoughts based on their promotional clips.

As previously mentioned in Saturday’s Entertainment Link-Off, the Chuck announcement won’t come until the May upfronts. Remember fellow Nerd Herders, send some nerds and watch Chuck vs. the Colonel tonight on or at hulu. Several sources indicate that a Chuck renewal looks good, but it’s not a sure thing. It depends on the negotiations between WB and NBC and whether NBC can fit the show into it’s fall/winter lineup.

In the meantime, keep track of Ausiello’s Fall TV Cheat Sheet to stay up to date on the status of your favourite shows!

NBC has already renewed 30 Rock, The Biggest Loser (*headdesk), Celebrity Apprentice, Friday Night Lights (Yay!), Heroes (Really?), Law and Order: SVU, The Office, Parks and Recreation (it will always live in the shadow of The Office), Saturday Night Live (yawn), SNL Weekend Update Thursday (double yawn) and Southland. Joining these shows are the new comedies 100 questions and Community and the new dramas Day One, Mercy, Parenthood and Trauma.

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