Sunday Link-Off: Super Sunday

It’s not just any Sunday today. It’s Super Bowl Sunday. That means we’re going to waste over ten hours watching pre-game, actual game, halftime and post-game coverage of a football game. It all seems to be a bit of a waste, doesn’t it? Anyway, let’s kick off the links with alleged former NFL WAG Kate Upton. She almost admitted to having that fling with Sanchez. We’ll all have the last laugh because he’ll be out of the league when his contract with the Jets expires.

Since it’s Super Bowl Sunday, why not feature a breakdown of which championship trophies are the best. (GQ)

Daulerio may have left Deadspin but that doesn’t mean his contributing his classic Daulerio-esque stories after the fact. This week, he brought us the tale of one of Yankees GM Brian Cashman’s mistresses. (Deadspin)

The US would like to remind you that they’ve declared themselves supreme rulers of the internet. They’ve spent the last week shutting down sports streaming websites. (Sports Grid)

After the jump, more on the Super Bowl, a look at horrible reality TV and Bill Murray does Letterman while wearing a Giants jersey. Continue reading

Sunday Link-Off: A Great Day For Hockey

I seem to be pretty hit and miss with these linkdumps lately. But I’m back today. To make up for some of this, here’s Christina Hendricks with a $250+ bottle of scotch.

Today in absolutely bizarre hockey stories, a player was banned from a Boston men’s hockey league for defecating in an opponent’s glove. You can’t make this shit up. (Deadspin)

Ken Dryden is back on Grantand. This time, he’s talking about what the NHL has to do to get ahead of the impending concussion epidemic. (Grantland)

Esquire’s photo of the year is the kissing couple from the Vancouver riot. But what has become of the famous couple? (Puck Daddy)

After the jump, the start of NHL 24/7, the craziest date letter ever and a Community tribute video. Continue reading

Sunday Link-Off: To The Finish

I’m getting really bad at this linkdump thing. Eventually, I’ll get back to the normal schedule. For now, here’s Scarlett Johansson.

We’ve reached office Christmas party season. The question that’s always being asked is how drunk can you get in front of your co-workers. (Grub Street)

Looking for advice on everything? Then you need to hit up Parks & Rec character Jean-Ralphio. (GQ)

Not surprisingly, ESPN did an episode of SportsCenter dedicated to Tim Tebow that they called TebowCenter. They love themselves a story. Actual sports? Not so much. (Deadspin)

After the jump, not every college bowl game is worth it, some Community love and Nolan North is the video game industry. Continue reading

Thursday Link-Off: Time Warp

Your regular mid-week links were pushed back to today so I could push our Save Community campaign. There is a Phase 2 for that but it can wait until next week. For now, here are Alison Brie and Gillian Jacobs from Community.

By now, everyone has seen or heard Bob Costas’ interview of Jerry Sandusky. Was that a good idea to help his defense? (Sports Illustrated)

As I pointed out yesterday, NBC has pulled Community from the mid-season schedule. Here are the stages of Community grief. (Uproxx)

The NHL All-Star Game voting started this week. It’s time to begin Project Mayhem. (Puck Daddy)

After the jump, fun with Peter King, fun facts about Monty Python and the Holy Grail and the rejected Top Gear theme song. Continue reading

Saving NBC’s Community: Phase One – Occupy

At the risk of sounding like I’m completely biased in this fight (which I am), those bastards at NBC are screwing us again. They’ve pulled Community from the mid-season schedule. While they say that the show hasn’t been cancelled, we can’t take this as an indication that the show won’t be cancelled. Industry insiders seem reasonably calm that the show will survive for another season because a fourth season will make it eligible to be syndicated which both NBC and Sony (Community’s studio) would benefit from.

I think it’s time we launch a pre-emptive strike to save one of the best shows on television. After all, similar fan campaigns have saved shows like Friday Night Lights. However, this needs a multi-pronged attack in order to ensure that our voices are heard. Phase One of our campaign to save Community is called Occupy. Continue reading

Wednesday Link-Off: Zombie Attack

Between The Walking Dead season premiere and Halloween coming up, this week’s linkdump has all sorts of zombie stuff in it. Let’s kick this off with the very unzombie-like Kristen Stewart. But maybe that’s because she’s more into sparkly vampires instead of zombies. Of course, if the Twilight vampires and warewolves weren’t such wussy bitches, Kristen’s character would be a vampire or warewolf by now.

First, let’s give you the complete guide to surviving the zombie apocalypse. (New York Magazine)

Fortunately for the sane members of the public, the obsession with zombies has overshadowed the teenage obsession with sparkling vampires. But why exactly are people obsessed with zombies? (Grantland)

And the zombie apocalypse has hit home the most in Georgia where Atlanta has embraced its new role as the zombie capital of America. (New York Times)

After the jump, RIM tries to bounce back, Community wrinkles some brains and zombie Christopher Walken wants more cowbell. Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: Alter the Ending

This week’s Entertainment Link-Off features Kristen Stewart. She’s currently starring in that vampire flick that all the ladies are flocking to this weekend. The books and movies might not be any good, but they’re doing a fine job sucking money out of people. Heck, I’m giving it free publicity by mentioning it here. Seriously, what’s so appealing about vampires that lacks the bite? Nevermind, they’re flailing over that dude who was offed by Voldemort.

After the jump more Twilight related stuff, Chuck returns, a few TV tidbits and a look at Dashboard Confessional’s latest album ‘Alter the Ending’. Continue reading