Sunday Link-Off: A Great Day For Hockey

I seem to be pretty hit and miss with these linkdumps lately. But I’m back today. To make up for some of this, here’s Christina Hendricks with a $250+ bottle of scotch.

Today in absolutely bizarre hockey stories, a player was banned from a Boston men’s hockey league for defecating in an opponent’s glove. You can’t make this shit up. (Deadspin)

Ken Dryden is back on Grantand. This time, he’s talking about what the NHL has to do to get ahead of the impending concussion epidemic. (Grantland)

Esquire’s photo of the year is the kissing couple from the Vancouver riot. But what has become of the famous couple? (Puck Daddy)

After the jump, the start of NHL 24/7, the craziest date letter ever and a Community tribute video.

By the way, 24/7 is back for the run up to the Winter Classic. It had some interesting moments, especially those involving Ilya Bryzgalov. (Crossing Broad)

Also playing in this year’s Winter Classic is New York Ranger Sean Avery. He’s definitely got a reputation as a lady-killer but one woman completely immune to his charm is supermodel Kate Upton. (New York Daily News)

There’s another WWE pay-per-view this weekend. Headlining this event is CM Punk who seems to have taken the WWE by storm thanks to his love of wrestling nostalgia. (Grantland)

In case you haven’t seen it, here’s a long-winded email rant from an investment manager to a woman he went on a date with about her “mixed signals.” I don’t think we have to guess what the next signal she sent was. (Gawker)

Here’s an article for the last-minute shoppers: Are gift cards a bad gift? (CBC)

Not surprisingly, I’m a huge game show fan. That’s why I love this list of the five biggest game show cheats of all-time. (Cracked)

Today in NSFW links, in honour of the Bad Sex in Fiction Awards, it’s the ten most hilariously bad sex scenes in film. Did I mention that there’s some NSFW content here? (Flavorwire)

We might have mentioned this once before but we’re huge fans of NBC’s Community. That’s why we’re obligated to run this Community tribute music video.

Tim Tebow was mic’d up for his win over the Bears last weekend. He’s very Tebow-esque  at all times, even when getting murdered by the opposition.

And finally, it’s Jimmy Kimmel’s this year in unnecessary censorship.


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