Wednesday Link-Off: Cold Hard Data

alyssah-ali-bloomingdales14-06I may have mentioned it before but the hardest part about these linkdumps is writing the intro. I’m never entirely sure what to say. Do I comment about the links to follow? Do I talk about the goings on of the last week? Do I talk about my personal life? I’m never quite sure. I do know that for the second straight Tuesday, snow was falling outside my window as I wrote this post. It’s just lovely April weather.

Anyway, let’s start off today’s set of links with Canadian model Alyssah Ali.

Why are things in Ukraine not getting any better? Because the Russians are trying to destabilize things to take control of the country while blaming the Ukrainian government and its allies for causing the trouble that Russia themselves are causing. (New York Times)

Don’t listen to the anti-vaccine whack-jobs. Vaccines save lives. (Mother Jones)

Have you ever wanted an inside look into the live of the paparazzi? Okay, probably not. But I still found this profile of one Hollywood pap interesting. (Rolling Stone)

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Saturday Link-Off: Lights, Camera, Legal Action

alyssah-ali-anthropologie13-04Since we’re a week and a half before Christmas, I think that it’s safe to say that we’re in the home stretch. A quick FYI before we start: Jackie and I recorded a podcast this week. I don’t think it’ll be ready for this week so I think a December 24th release date is probable.

Alright, now it’s time for the links. Here’s Canadian model Alyssah Ali.

Time Magazine named the Pope their Person of the Year. They’re completely wrong. The real person of the year is Edward Snowden. (The New Yorker)

Well, I mentioned earlier this week that people were crying slander over what Rob Ford said in an interview with Conrad Black. Daniel Dale wasn’t impressed with what was said about him. (Toronto Star)

And then proceeded to serve Rob Ford with a libel notice with the full backing of the Toronto Star. Given how much Star personalities are tweeting about this, it almost seems like they’re trying to make this a story rather than let it happen naturally. (Toronto Star)

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Sunday Link-Off: Four Seasons And A Netflix Revival?

It’s a holiday weekend here in Canada. SUCKERS! Okay, next weekend, the shoe’s on the other foot. For now: SUCKERS! Anyway, in honour of the Canadian holiday, here’s Canadian model Alyssah Ali.

Bad news! NBC has turfed Dan Harmon from his post as showrunner of Community. Alan Sepinwall looks at how this will affect the show. (HitFix) So should we change the official hashtag to #FourSeasonsAndANetflixRevival?

Jose Canseco is trying to make a comeback using Twitter and minor league baseball. Here’s a look behind the scenes at the current life of Jose Canseco. (Sportsnet Magazine)

Good news! BioWare is bringing back the crew of the Normandy to do voice-over work on the Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut DLC. (G4 TV)

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