Sunday Link-Off: Harper Strikes Back

jessica-pare-esquire14-02It’s the beginning of another week which means that it’s time for us to give you another set of links. I’d like to think of the start of this post as Canada-centric while it finishes a more nationally agnostic. That doesn’t mean that there won’t be something for everyone in here.

But let’s start off with something Canadian. Since Mad Men is back on Sunday, here’s Jessica Pare.

The Fair Elections Act is going to cripple democracy in Canada but most Canadians aren’t arsed about the impending death of their democracy. Why are they so apathetic? (CBC News)

In news that should surprise no one, an upcoming UN report will suggest that Russia did everything in its power to make sure the secession of Crimea happened as they planned. (Foreign Policy)

A retiring SEC lawyer used his farewell speech to denounce the commission’s soft stance on traders who caused the recent financial crisis. I don’t think he’ll find many people off of Wall Street who will disagree. (Bloomberg)

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Wednesday Link-Off: Super Wednesday

It’s the middle of the week which means it’s time for some more links. After yesterday’s Swimsuit Issue post, it’s only appropriate that I lead off with Canadian actress Jessica Pare. I figured I should mix things up.

CNBC sports business reporter was in Indianapolis for the Super Bowl. He also demonstrated his inexplicably large ego and poor judgement when he blasted the Playboy Playmates at Playboy’s party on Twitter. Then everyone fought back. (The Big Lead)

And if you think Rovell is bad at the Playboy Party, you should see him at the dry cleaner. (Food Court Lunch)

Also of note from the Super Bowl is MIA inexplicably flipping off the camera. But just how did the middle finger become such a profane gesture. (BBC)

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