Sunday Link-Off: To The Finish

I’m getting really bad at this linkdump thing. Eventually, I’ll get back to the normal schedule. For now, here’s Scarlett Johansson.

We’ve reached office Christmas party season. The question that’s always being asked is how drunk can you get in front of your co-workers. (Grub Street)

Looking for advice on everything? Then you need to hit up Parks & Rec character Jean-Ralphio. (GQ)

Not surprisingly, ESPN did an episode of SportsCenter dedicated to Tim Tebow that they called TebowCenter. They love themselves a story. Actual sports? Not so much. (Deadspin)

After the jump, not every college bowl game is worth it, some Community love and Nolan North is the video game industry.

Now that’s he’s left ESPN, Yahoo’s Pat Forde can actually say how much some of this year’s NCAA bowl games actually suck. (Rivals)

But speaking of bowl games, which game has the best swag for players in bowl games? (Chat Sports)

Hulk Hogan’s personal life won’t stop getting dragged through the mud. Now he’s suing his wife for defamation for what she wrote in her book and said in interviews. I can’t blame him. I wouldn’t want people thinking I liked Brutus Beefcake. (St. Petersburg Times)

So Community is officially on hiatus. As if you actually needed a reason to love the show, here are 58 reasons to love it with one from each episode. (SplitSider)

Speaking of Community, here’s a list of the top ten episodes of the show. (Pajiba)

Also on NBC’s Thursday night is TV’s best character. According to MTV, the best character on TV is Ron fucking Swanson. (MTV)

Here’s the story of Twitter’s @ZODIAC_MF who’s account was hacked and turned into a promotional account for a bad movie. (Daily Dot)

In honour of last night’s Video Game Awards, here’s a look at six games that got things right and six that didn’t get it. (Cracked)

Fox News knows how to fabricate a story out of nothing. It thinks that the Muppets are part of a liberal plot. (Film Drunk)

It’s the time of year where we get scads of best of 2011 lists. First up, it’s the top 50 memes of 2011. (Ranker)

Or, if you prefer more meta best of 2011 lists, check out this best Best of 2011 lists list of 2011. (Holy Taco)

You might know Nolan North as the voice of Nathan Drake but he’s also the voice of basically the entire video game industry.

Two guys do a Star Wars medley on cellos. It’s surprisingly awesome.

So why was Ron Swanson named the top TV character? It’s because of things like this.


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