Wednesday Link-Off: The World (Cup) is Not Enough

irina-shayk-twinset14-07World Cup month is finally over and the whole world can move on so we can forget about the billions of dollars wasted by the Brazilian government… Well, that’s until we talk about the billions of dollars wasted by the Brazilian government on the 2016 Summer Olympics. And just wait until we have to deal with the Qatar World Cup of 2022.

Anyway, there’s a lot more to today’s links than the World Cup. But let’s keep with a quasi-soccer theme with Irina Shayk.

Canadian government staffers have been deleting Canadian government staffers from Wikipedia. Gee, what are they hiding and who are they hiding it for? (Vice)

The FCC has been so inundated with comments about the future of net neutrality that it’s repeatedly crashed their website and forced them to extend the comment period. (PC Magazine)

NASA thinks that we’ll find other life in the universe inside the next 20 years. That would be pretty cool. (CBS)

Good news, everyone whose life was railroaded by the Myers-Briggs personality test! It’s a load of shit! (Vox)

Is it a dive? A look back at the best flops of the World Cup. (Washington Post)

LeBron James is going back to Cleveland but did anyone actually break that story ahead of time? (Deadspin)

You may not like the Home Run Derby but chances are you’re not the type of fan who the event is designed to appeal to. (Sports on Earth)

Remember kids: It’s not about how good you are at your job but how good you look and how much attention you can draw. Pam Oliver is being taken off the NFL sidelines by Fox and being replaced by Erin Andrews. (Shutdown Corner)

Remember 80s nostalgia? It’s already been replaced by 90s nostalgia. (Vanity Fair)

Ric Flair might be pushing 90 (give or take a couple of years) but he’s still stylin’ and profilin’ and Space Mountain is still open for business. Poor Renee Young (née Renee Paquette) found that out the hard way on live national television.

Keeping with the wrestling theme, you’ve seen the original video…

Now, here’s LeBron’s face turn.


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