Wednesday Link-Off: Newsbeat

Today’s link-off is filled with news links. In addition to that news is the news that Irina Shayk is still one of the top models in the world.

Only Toronto mayor Rob Ford could make things worse than just threatening to beat a reporter. Now he’s saying ridiculous things on his radio show. (Metro News)

In other news media news, the Associated Press issued an apology that was nearly 70 years in the making. They apologized to a reporter who they fired for reporting that the Germans had surrendered at the end of World War II. (NPR)

The Phoenix Coyotes may actually finally be sold. However, if you live in the city of Glendale, home to the Coyotes, you’re getting a raw deal. (Sportsnet)

After the jump, the life of an NBA referee, the story behind ME3’s same-sex romances and the Ron Paul theme song.

Controversial NBA referee Joey Crawford reminisces on his 35 years on the hardcourt. (New York Times) By the way, the NY Times’ 10 article paywall is a real pain in the ass. I’ve run through half my limit after a week.

Washington State football coach Mike Leach did a Reddit AMA. The results are better than we could have expected. (Coug Center)

After this weekend’s record success of The Avengers, Joss Whedon has cemented his standing as the king of the geeks. Long live the king! (Kotaku)

Nickelodeon is in trouble. SpongeBob SquarePants accounts for up to 40% of the channel’s programming but it’s viewership is down almost 30%. (Wall Street Journal)

Despite the controversy over Mass Effect 3, BioWare did something right. They included characters who can engage in same sex relationship. Here’s a discussion with the writers of those characters and relationships. (BioWare Blog)

With the Community season finale coming up a week from Thursday, Chevy Chase talks about his role on the show. (SplitSider)

Bad news! Jeremy Clarkson says that Top Gear won’t be coming back until 2013. But what am I going to watch without the BBC’s best shows (TG and Sherlock) coming back this year? (Jalopnik)

Looking for good, cheap, honest food in New York? Some of the world’s best chefs give you their picks. (Bloomberg)

It’s time for the photo gallery of the day! It’s a collection of the best Andy Dwyer GIFs. Awesome sauce! (Uproxx)

It turns out that the singer of the Pokemon theme song, Jason Paige, is a Ron Paul supporter. He’s reworked the Pokemon song into a Ron Paul theme song. I’m not lying when I say this could be the greatest thing ever… Assuming you ignore his economic policies.

A compilation of classic side-scrolling platform games from yesteryear.

Since tomorrow night is the Parks and Rec season finale, I figured that running this gag reel was appropriate. For the love of god, watch this show.


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