Sunday Link-Off: A Different Take

irina-shayk-gqrussia13-01Well, it looks like today will be a busy writing day for me. I have a Formula One post to write for tomorrow. There’s a gaming journalism column that’s probably going to be shorter than I’d like but I’ll try to do it well. Not to mention that I have a couple of reviews that I want up this week.

First, though, it’s time for me to put together the Sunday set of links. Let’s kick this one off with Irina Shayk.

Russia might be very much anti-homosexual but Patrick Burke, founder of You Can Play, says that Russia’s laws don’t mean that countries should punish their athletes by forcing a boycott of the Sochi Olympics. (BuzzFeed)

Bill O’Reilly is saying ridiculous things again. In other news, the sun rose this morning. MSNBC’s Chris Hayes used facts to explain why O’Reilly is wrong. (Mediaite)

Michael Malice takes a rare look inside North Korea and brings back real stories of the people there. (Reason)

The Times asks if Reddit should be blamed for misidentifying one of the Boston bombers. Didn’t a newspaper do the same thing? Hell, didn’t the “real” media screw is all up anyway? (New York Times)

David Cameron’s porn policy advisor’s website was hacked. She blamed a blogger who reported this and libelled him. Having someone creating internet policy while not understanding the internet is what’s wrong with the world today. (Ministry of Truth)

Remember the San Francisco newscast that had joke names for the pilots of Asiana 214? The producers of said newscast were turfed. Whoever’s idea it was to keep blaming the NTSB for the names should’ve been the one to be turfed. (New York Daily News)

So it turns out that Paula Deen’s racism isn’t an isolated thing. You knew that more stories about her were going to come out. (Warming Glow)

The whistleblower on the Biogenesis clinic says that this goes beyond baseball. There are also athletes from the NBA, NCAA, boxing, tennis and MMA who may be implicated before all is said and done. (Outside the Lines)

Want to be a better sports gambler? Don’t think too much. (Scientific American)

Diamond Dallas Page has gone from successful wrestler to fitness guru to life changing mentor now that he’s helping Jake “The Snake” Roberts and Scott Hall turn their lives around. (Deadspin)

Never fear. Keith Olbermann doesn’t have a no politics clause for his new ESPN talk show. (The Wrap)

Monopoly has sold out. The new Monopoly Empire will have real brands instead of streets and won’t feature jail. (Fast Company)

What do our elders think of Epic Meal Time?

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