Wednesday Link-Off: A Great Return

Well, our guess at who would cover the SI Swimsuit issue was wrong. To make up for it, here’s cover girl Irina Shayk.

You hear all about how sites like The Huffington Post and Bleacher Report use search engine optimization to draw large numbers of visitors but did you know that the worst perpetrator of SEO is actually JC Penney? (New York Times)

Another AJ Daulerio profile. I don’t know if  you’ve heard but the editor of Deadspin is kind of a big deal. (Philly)

Did you hear about the man whose Audi was frozen in a block of ice thanks to a water main break? One car dealer gave him a free car for his troubles. (Jalopnik)

After the jump, some leftover Valentine’s links, the death of Guitar Hero, and The Rock returns.

There were couple of good Valentine’s Day links that we have a couple of days late. First, it’s special NHL V-Day cards. (Tauntr) I should have given these out this year.

Here’s a how to guide to writing clichéd love songs. (Urlesque)

A precautionary love tale for men. It’s the fall of the Mega Powers. He’s got them wandering eyes. Ooh yeeeah. (Joe Montana’s Right Arm)

Speaking of pro wrestling, here’s a look inside the world of a Christian wrestling federation in Texas. (With Leather)

The gang at Hoopism has already brought us their fancy YouTube setup with all the dunks from the NBA Slam Dunk contest. Now, they’ve got the all-time great clutch shots. (Hoopism)

Here’s a fun game to pass the time at work. It’s the album cover game. (Every Day Should Be Saturday)

Worried about not getting a Madden game next year? Well, the NFL is trying to entice EA Sports to make one by reducing their licensing fee and hoping lower costs will mean we get a game. (Sports Business Daily)

Well, Guitar Hero is officially dead. But how exactly did it go from on top of the gaming world to cancelled in just a few years? Here’s a franchise retrospective. (Calm Down Tom)

Some folks were offended that Mark Twain’s classic Huckleberry Finn has the n-word in it. So some intrepid folks on the internet are replacing the n-word with robot. (Nerdist)

Since we had a Mega Powers link above, here’s the greatest Tumblr blog of all-time. It’s Randy Savage photoshopped all over the world. (Where’s Randy Savage)

And here’s a look at Star Wars models coming to Legoland. (Los Angeles Times)

The WWE announced the guest host of WrestleMania 27 on Monday Night Raw this week. I thought this was a dumb gimmick until they unveiled him and let him work his magic. I don’t think I’m wrong in suggesting this was the biggest reaction from a WWE crowd ever.

What happens when Goldberg and Monday Nitro hit Dallas? Goldberg hangs with Chuck Norris and Jean Claude Van Damme. Occasionally WCW got things right.

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