Wednesday Link-Off: Headlines

I can’t believe it’s already Wednesday. Normally I wouldn’t complain about a week going by too quickly but this week is just ridiculous. Maybe it’s because I’ve been so wrapped up in the 2012 Hottest Canadian competition. Anyway, here’s Irina Shayk. And for once let’s avoid the obvious “And speaking of ridiculous” jokes that I ten to make.

There is lots of info that we do know about the murder of Trayvon Martin but what is fact and what is rumour accepted as fact? (Miami Herald)

To use one of his own catchphrases in his honour, Jason Whitlock does the damn thing in comparing George Zimmerman to OJ Simpson and the effect that the 24-hour news cycle has played in each story. (Fox Sports)

Speaking of OJ, a private investigator is releasing a book in which he proves that OJ was not only not guilty but innocent of murder (yes, there’s a distinction there). (With Leather)

After the jump, the state of the sitcom, trolling could become illegal and Yoda speaking correctly.

Is it safe to say that the Flyers and Penguins don’t like each other? Even the coaches wanted to brawl. (Business Insider)

If you thought that big, sketchy bookies ran off-shore gambling websites, you’d be wrong. Even your neighbourhood bookie is getting in on the online action now. (New York Times)

While it seems as though the multi-camera, laugh-track sitcom is dead, consider this: They died because everything had been done before. Soon the same will happen to the single-camera, laugh-track-less sitcom. (MacLean’s)

Chevy Chase has a reputation for being difficult but this is the first time we have public evidence of Chase’s being an asshole. He and Community creator Dan Harmon are in a bit of an ugly feud. (Deadline)

It’s dead, Jim. Balsillie, that is. Based on the current state and direction of the company, RIM is as good as done. (BGR)

In other tech news, the great-ish state of Arizona is trying to pass a law which bans trolling from the internet. I think they’re trolling us all with that proposed law. Let’s bring the state House of Representatives up on charges. (Kotaku)

Normally, I’d say that action movies just don’t translate well to video games. However, it seems that some actors’ movies tend to translate worse than others. (Gamma Squad)

For now real reason, here’s a history of foosball. (Mental Floss)

With the baseball season starting tonight, here’s a comparison of teams to beer. (Tauntr)

Yoda speaking with his words in the correct order? There’s something wrong with that.

If the Daleks really ran a spa, I’d imagine it would be roughly this terrifying.

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