Early SI Swimsuit 2013 Cover Odds

Next year’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover odds bring us to a milestone in the history of the issue. The 2013 issue will be the 50th edition of the famed SI Swimsuit Issue. The first edition was printed in 1964 with Babette March making her first and only appearance on the cover. In the history of the Swimsuit Issue, 40 models have graced the cover.

Continuing with our annual tradition of Swimsuit Issue prognostication, today we take the official unofficial early look at who will make the cover of next year’s SI Swimsuit issue. Continue reading

Wednesday Link-Off: A Great Return

Well, our guess at who would cover the SI Swimsuit issue was wrong. To make up for it, here’s cover girl Irina Shayk.

You hear all about how sites like The Huffington Post and Bleacher Report use search engine optimization to draw large numbers of visitors but did you know that the worst perpetrator of SEO is actually JC Penney? (New York Times)

Another AJ Daulerio profile. I don’t know if  you’ve heard but the editor of Deadspin is kind of a big deal. (Philly)

Did you hear about the man whose Audi was frozen in a block of ice thanks to a water main break? One car dealer gave him a free car for his troubles. (Jalopnik)

After the jump, some leftover Valentine’s links, the death of Guitar Hero, and The Rock returns. Continue reading

SI Swimsuit 2011 Cover Odds

One of the great perks that comes with a Sports Illustrated subscription is getting the mid-winter classic known as the SI Swimsuit Issue. Last summer, models were secretly whisked off to tropical locales all over the world and photographed in complete secrecy… Well, at least when Twitter and Facebook didn’t give us sneak peaks of what to expect. Anyway, shrouded in even more secrecy is the identity of the magazine’s cover model. Being the SI Swimsuit cover model is probably the highest honour that can be bestowed on a model. It comes with instant celebrity, international recognition, a blogosphere presence for life and a blown-up copy of your cover in the studio of a certain SI-associated nationally syndicated radio/TV show hosted from Connecticut.

So who are we tipping to be on the cover of the 49th edition of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue? Find out after the jump. Continue reading

Late Night Link-Off: Cooking

For the second edition of the late-night links, let’s open with Irina Shayk. There’s actually a funny story about this photo…

It turns out that she’s suing GQ Spain over her December photo shoot being photoshopped. Now, it would normally be standard practice for that to happen but she wasn’t too happy that her clothes disappeared. (Huffington Post)

After the jump, the hottest women on cooking TV, Christmas gift tip and Irina Shayk in bodypaint (without photoshop). Continue reading

Wednesday Link-Off: Greatness

Well, everyone I was planning to lead off the WLO with was either eliminated or a WAG of a player eliminated from the French Open. So here’s Irina Shayk.

The Great One is coming back to the NHL… At least, in the latest EA Sports NHL video game. (Toronto Sun)

Doc Halladay laughed in the collective faces of Blue Jays fans when he pitched his first career perfect game on the weekend. But this didn’t shock one Phillies fan. (Deadspin)

Did you know there’s a cap on the number of friends you can have on Facebook? I guess #5,001 will cause Facebook to explode. (New York Times) Of course, you can like us on Facebook here.

After the jump, some athletes in trouble, an ode to Philly hockey, and barbeque failures. Continue reading

Wednesday Link-Off: Slamming

Irina Shayk has nothing to do with the rest of this linkdump but I don’t think anyone will care.

To say this year’s NBA Slam Dunk Contest was boring is a wild and dangerous understatement. But don’t tell that to the celebs at courtside. (Gawker TV)

Score one for the internal combustion engine. Three electric zambonies at the Richmond Olympic Oval broke and/or screwed up the track. Never had that problem with the status quo. (Jalopnik)

Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger: Avid golfer and hilarious golfing buddy. (Wei Under Par)

After the jump, some hockey videos, a Tiger-sized twist, and cheerleaders. Continue reading