Good Eats: The Complete Series

S07 E01 – Crustacean Nation III: Feeling Crabby

Featured: Crab: salad, fritter

S07 E02 – Q

Featured: Pulled pork

S07 E03 – The Egg Files VI: French Flop

Featured: French omelette, fritata

S07 E04 – The Muffin Method Man

Featured: Muffin, English muffin

S07 E05 – True Brew IV: Take Stock

Featured: Chicken stock

S07 E06 – Sausage: A Beautiful Grind

Featured: Fresh sausage

S07 E07 – Raising The Steaks

Featured: Fajita, sirloin

S07 E08 – The Pouch Principle

Featured: Pouch steaming

S07 E09 – Ill Gotten Grains

Featured: Wheatberry tapenade, bulgur, couscous

S07 E10 – The Trick To Treats

Featured: Brittle, jelly, taffy

S07 E11 – Potato, My Sweet

Featured: Sweet potato

S07 E12 – The Cookie Clause

Featured: Sugar cookie

S07 E13 – Herbal Preservation

Featured: Herbs

S07 E14 – Spice Capades

Featured: Spices, curry, rub

S07 E15 – The Man Food Show

Featured: Corn dog, slider

S07 E16 – Fudge Factor

Featured: Fudge

S07 E17 – Sometimes You Feel Like A…

Featured: Nuts, pesto

S07 E18 – I Pie

Featured: Lemon meringue pie, pie crust

S07 E19 – Toast Modern

Featured: Bread toast, French toast, bruschetta, rarebit

S07 E20 – Top Banana

Featured: Banana, plantain

Special #3 – Eat This Rock!

Featured: Salt

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