Good Eats: The Complete Series

S08 E01 – Hittin’ The Sauce

Featured: Sauce, hollandaise

S08 E02 – Shell Game III

Featured: Oysters, horseradish

S08 E03 – Flat Is Beautiful II

Featured: Flattened meat: carpaccio, paillard, cutlet, chicken Kiev

S08 E04 – Circle of Life

Featured: Doughnuts

S08 E05 – Wonton Ways

Featured: Wonton wrapper, pot sticker, dim sum

S08 E06 – The Big Chili

Featured: Chili con carne, chili powder

S08 E07 – Sandwich-craft

Featured: Sandwiches

S08 E08 – Soup’s On

Featured: Soup

S08 E09 – Say Cheese

Featured: Cheese

S08 E10 – Art of Darkness III

Featured: Chocolate: ganache, truffle, fudgesicle

S08 E11 – True Grits

Featured: Cornmeal: grits vs. polenta

S08 E12 – Stuff It

Featured: Stuffing

S08 E13 – Puddin’ Head Blues

Featured: Pudding, tapioca

S08 E14 – Melondrama

Featured: Melon, sorbet

S08 E15 – Myth Smashers

Featured: Dispelling culinary myths

S08 E16 – Cuckoo For Coq au Vin

Featured: Coq au Vin

S08 E17 – Carrots: A Taproot Orange

Featured: Carrot, carrot cake

S08 E18 – Sprung A Leek

Featured: Leek, vichyssoise

S08 E19 – Dr. Strangeloaf (Or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bread)

Featured: Baking bread

S08 E20 – My Big Fat Greek Sandwich

Featured: Gyros, tzatziki

S08 E21 – Field of Greens

Featured: Greens, gratin

S08 E22 – Do The Rice Thing

Featured: Risotto, brown rice

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