Sunday Link-Off: It All Comes Down To Tuesday

Before we get to the links, I have a quick programming note. The Wednesday Link-Off will be pushed back to Thursday so we can link to election analysis that isn’t written at 2 AM on November 7. Today, though, the show goes on as usual. So lets kick this off with Canadian model Danielle Knudson.

Rather than look at the usual polls or Nate Silver’s 538 summary, let’s look at a useful poll. Here’s a poll about polls and what voters think about other people’s votes. (Upworthy)

Can you make Mitt Romney’s tax plan add up? All you have to do is solve the $480 billion gap to make is all balance. (Washington Post)

Are you up to date on all the Obama conspiracy theories? Read through them, have a laugh and remember that voting Republican is a vote for people who think that these theories are true. (Mother Jones)

After the jump, election endorsements, a food critic’s take on Guy Fieri’s new restaurant and what Republican leaders really think about Mitt Romney.

New York mayor Michael Bloomberg, a former Republican, now Independent, is endorsing President Obama for his leadership on environmental and social issues. (Bloomberg)

The Economist didn’t exactly give President Obama a great endorsement but they said that he’s better than the alternative running for the GOP. (The Economist)

Just for fun, here’s a look at what went into the campaign rally photo-op hurricane relief rally held by Mitt Romney. (BuzzFeed)

A recent story says that New Jersey governor Chris Christie was Mitt Romney’s first choice to be his running mate. (Politico) If he did pick Christie, it wouldn’t have been a good fit. Unlike both Mittens and Paul Ryan, Christie has a personality.

If the GOP lose seats in the Senate, the blame will lay squarely at the feet of the Tea Party. (National Post)

Regardless of who controls which legislative branch, it’s likely to be politics as usual in America. (Washington Post)

If you work for Madison Square Garden or any companies under the MSG umbrella, you would have needed to cash in vacation days if Hurricane Sandy made you miss work. (Gawker) By the way, that’s Gawker’s emergency backup tumblr which they used because the Gawker Media websites were knocked out by Hurricane Sandy. You have to give them credit for getting going again and to State Farm for pouncing on a network-wide advertising deal for the backup sites.

Jerry Nadeau was one of the rising stars of NASCAR until he was forced into retirement because of a head injury suffered in a practice crash. He finds his life lacking the same purpose it once did. (ESPN)

One of our favourite TV food show hosts, Tony Bourdain, talks about his most memorable moments of hosting No Reservations ahead of the series finale. (Anthony Bourdain)

Have we mentioned lately that Guy Fieri’s new restaurant in Times Square kinda sucks. (New York Observer)

Did you see Patton Oswalt’s Dr. Octopus costume? It was made by Mythbuster Adam Savage. (Gamma Squad)

Yesterday, Jackie went over the sale of Lucasfilm to Disney. Now, the Death Star’s PR department gives its take on upcoming changes. (Death Star PR)

Now that Star Wars is part of the Disney family, there are plenty of crossover opportunities with ESPN. (SB Nation)

And let’s close out with a cast picture of the stars of the first six Star Wars movies. (Unreality)

What does The Greatest Generation think of Mitt Romney? Suffice to say that their views would be considered NSFW.

And what do prominent Republicans think of Mitt Romney? They think he’s a serial flip-flopper with a lack of character. If you vote for Romney, are you voting for moderate Mitt, conservative Mitt or Tea Party Mitt?

Could this be in Star Wars’ future with Disney in charge?


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