Saturday Link-Off: Tryptophan Hangover

miesha-tate-fitnessgurls13-02It’s the final day of November and WordPress hasn’t let us turn on the Christmas lights yet. I thought they’d turn on the Christmas decorations for the blog come Thanksgiving but they seemed to miss that. Oh well. I guess that means that we just carry on with the links. Since there was an Ultimate Fighter episode on last night, let’s start with Miesha Tate.

There really isn’t anyone or anywhere the NSA won’t spy. They even conspired with the Canadian government to spy on the 2012 G20 summit in Toronto. We can’t trust any government now, can we? (The Globe & Mail)

Edward Snowden also let us in on the fact that the NSA spies on porn watching to discredit targeted persons. (Huffington Post)

Ever wonder if Black Friday acts as any sort of economic indicator about consumer spending? There’s a chart to answer that. (Washington Post)

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The History of Canadian Thanksgiving (Infographic)

It’s going to be a quiet day on the blog today because it’s a holiday up here in Canada. Today is our Thanksgiving. Unlike America which has Thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday of November, in Canada, it’s the second Monday in October.  In fact, Thanksgiving in Canada has been in April, May, June and November before being an October holiday.

So to celebrate a day off in the fall, let’s bring back a classic infographic with this look at the history of Canadian Thanksgiving.

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Sunday Link-Off: Tryptophan Nap

To celebrerate the University of Michigan’s massive win over those bastards at Ohio State, here’s Jaime Edmonson dressed up in Wolverines garb.

With this being Thanksgiving weekend in the States, it’s only appropriate that we take a look at 8 of the strangest moments in turkey pardon history. (The FW)

Baseball super-agen Dan Lozano is apparently one of the sleaziest guys in baseball. And he work’s for A-Rod and I’m saying that. (Deadspin)

And on that note, Hulk Hogan’s divorce settlement would make any grown man tap-out in real life. His ex-wife took him to the cleaners. (St. Petersburg Times)

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For Thanksgiving Dinner: Epic Meal Time’s Turbaconepicentipede

Last year, the boys of Epic Meal Time made a huge splash on the internet with their famous TurBaconEpic. This year, they’re back with their homage to American Thanksgiving dinner. But this time, they’ve used that YouTube money to do not one but 10 of their famous bird in a bird in a bird in a bird in a bird in a pigs lined up to make a 802,420 calorie Turbaconepicentipede. Continue reading

The History of Canadian Thanksgiving (Infographic)

Today is Thanksgiving in Canada. Obviously, it’s on a different day and month than our neighbours to the south who have theirs on the fourth Thursday in November. Ours is on the second Monday of October. But it wasn’t always on Monday or even in October. In fact, Thanksgiving in Canada has been in April, May, June and November before being an October holiday. So to celebrate our Thanksgiving, here’s an infographic with the history of Canadian Thanksgiving. Continue reading

Man Lab: Desserts for Canadian Thanksgiving

If you’re in America, you’re wondering what the hell I’m on about with recipes for Thanksgiving dessert. Well, Thanksgiving in Canada is this Monday. Everyone knows that the entrée for Thanksgiving has to be a turkey. Sides should be stuffing, mashed potatoes, squash and cranberry sauce. But that leaves dessert. I’ve never found a consensus for Thanksgiving dessert. Pumpkin pie seems traditional but apple pie is also a popular dish. I’ve also found another use for pumpkin in your dessert. So here are three Thanksgiving dessert recipes for you to try this weekend. Continue reading

For Thanksgiving Dinner: The TurBaconEpic

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving for our American friends. Usually, Thanksgiving dinner involves a turkey and football. More recently the Turducken has become increasingly popular at the dinner table. But now, some lunatics with a very good health insurance plan have created the ultimate in Thanksgiving meals. It’s 72,186 calories and 6,451 grams of fat of a bird in a bird in a bird in a bird in a bird in a pig known as the TurBaconEpic. Continue reading

Sunday Link-Off: Thanksgiving Leftovers

Shockingly for only the first time, here’s Natalie Portman.

The boys at Deadspin passed the US Thanksgiving long weekend by posting high school reunion horror stories. Of them all, this was my favourite. (Deadspin)

I don’t suppose anyone can help me find a way to talk EA Sports letting me have a copy of NCAA Basketball 10 to review. I’m not just saying that because my favourite play-by-play man Gus Johnson is calling the action. (Fanhouse)

This stuff never gets old. It’s the second edition of the best things overheard at the U of WO. (Lion’s Den University)

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10 Things Gary Bettman Should Be Thankful For

NHL fans may be wondering what good there has been for their league this season. Sure, the standings have been pretty scrambled and you’re never really sure who will win on a given night (unless the Leafs are playing) but that was the whole point of the salary cap and the attempt to create parity. Of course, that was the reason why the owners hired commissioner Gary Bettman in 1993. If he were to listen to the fans, Gary wouldn’t think he has a lot to be thankful on his Thanksgiving. But I think there are a few things that he give thanks for helping the NHL. Continue reading