The Layover: The Complete First Season

Given how similar we are, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I’m a fan of chef/TV personality Anthony Bourdain. Last November, the Travel Channel debuted a second show starring Bourdain. This new one follows Tony as he spends a day in a city and explores the local culture and food scenes. Appropriately, this one is called The Layover. Fans of No Reservations will recognize the style of show but condensed into a smaller time frame.

Today, we bring you all ten of this season’s episodes including Tony’s layover in Montreal. Continue reading


New Zealand Has Identity Crisis

New Zealand didn’t fight the law but the law won anyway. It turns out that the names of New Zealand’s two main islands were never legally registered with the country’s Geographic Board. Now the government is asking the people of New Zealand what they would name the islands. Continue reading