Good Eats: The Complete Series

S11 E01 – Milk Made

Featured: Milk

S11 E02 – Pretzel Logic

Featured: Pretzels, mustard

S11 E03 – Coconut Cake Revival

Featured: Coconut cake

S11 E04 – Sub Standards

Featured: Substitutions

S11 E05 – Fishin’ Whole

Featured: Whole fish

S11 E06 – Withering Bites

Featured: Dried fruit

S11 E07 – Stew Romance

Featured: Beef stew

S11 E08 – Dill-icious

Featured: Dill pickles

S11 E09 – Peanut Gallery

Featured: Peanuts

S11 E10 – Bean Stalker

Featured: Green bean casserole

S11 E11 – Kinda Blue

Featured: Blueberries

S11 E12 – Puff The Magic Mallow

Featured: Homemade marshmallow

S11 E13 – American Slicer

Featured: Kitchen knives

S11 E14 – The Wing And I

Featured: Buffalo Wings

S11 E15 – American Classics II: The Apple Of My Pie

Featured: Apple pie

S11 E16 – If It Ain’t Broccoli Don’t Fix It

Featured: Broccoli

S11 E17 – The Alton Crown Affair

Featured: Crown of lamb

S11 E18 – Cran Opening

Featured: Cranberry

S11 E19 – Honey I Shrunk The Cake

Featured: Cupcakes

S11 E20 – Going Dutch

Featured: Cooking with Dutch ovens

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