Good Eats: The Complete Series

S13 E01 – Crustacean Nation IV: Crawfish

Featured: Crawfish

S13 E02 – Tamale Never Dies

Featured: Tamales

S13 E03 – American Classics IV: Spaghetti With Meat Sauce

Featured: Spaghetti with meat sauce

S13 E04 – Tender Is The Pork

Featured: Pork tenderloin

S13 E05 – Undercover Veggies I

Featured: Parsnip

S13 E06 – Feeling Punchy

Featured: Punch

S13 E07 – Another Man Food Show: Breakfast

Featured: Breakfast

S13 E08 – Fermentation Nation

Featured: Cooking with beer and wine

S13 E09 – American Classics V: A Pound Of Cake

Featured: Pound Cake

S13 E10 – The Once & Future Fish

Featured: Trout

S13 E11 – Pantry Raid XII: Turning Japanese

Featured: Japanese ingredients

S13 E12 – The Proof Is In The Pudding

Featured: Cooking with spirits

S13 E13 – Live And Let Diet

Featured: Weight loss tips

S13 E14 – Raising The Bar Again

Featured: Margarita, Bloody Mary

S13 E15 – The Ballad Of Sweet And Salty

Featured: Desserts

S13 E16 – American Classics VII: Don’t Be Chicken Of Dumplings

Featured: Chicken and dumplings

S13 E17 – The Curious Case Of Curry

Featured: The history of curry

S13 E18 – The Catfish Will Rise Again

Featured: Catfish

S13 E19 – It’s A Pan, It’s A Dish, It’s a Paella

Featured: Paella

Special #4 – Good Eats 10th Anniversary

Featured: Variety show

Special #5 – Twas The Night Before Good Eats

Featured: Christmas

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