Good Eats: The Complete Series

S09 E01 – Give Peas A Chance

Featured: Peas

S09 E02 – Dis-Kabob-Ulated

Featured: Shish kebab

S09 E03 – Urban Preservation II: The Jerky

Featured: Beef jerky

S09 E04 – Churn Baby Churn II

Featured: Super premium ice cream

S09 E05 – Power Trip

Featured: Energy bar, protein bar

S09 E06 – Wake Up Little Sushi

Featured: Sushi

S09 E07 – Cobbled Together

Featured: Cobbler, grunt, crumble

S09 E08 – Pantry Raid V: Good Wine Gone Bad

Featured: Vinegar, sauerbraten

S09 E09 – The Waffle Truth

Featured: Waffles

S09 E10 – Great Balls O’ Meat

Featured: Meatballs

S09 E11 – Curious Yet Tasty Avocado Experiments

Featured: Avocado: butter, ice cream, frosting

S09 E12 – A Pie In Every Pocket

Featured: Pocket pie

S09 E13 – School of Hard Nogs

Featured: Eggnog

S09 E14 – My Pod

Featured: Vanilla, fruit salad, creme brulee, poached pear

S09 E15 – Tender Is The Loin I

Featured: Beef tenderloin, steak au poivre

S09 E16 – Raising The Bar

Featured: Martini, daiquiri, mint julep

S09 E17 – Tender Is The Loin II

Featured: Beef tenderloin roasts, chateaubriand, carpaccio, cheesesteak

S09 E18 – Flat Is Beautiful III: Flounder

Featured: Flounder

S09 E19 – Your Pad Thai Or Mine

Featured: Pad Thai

S09 E20 – Shell Game IV: Scallops

Featured: Scallop

S09 E21 – Olive Me

Featured: Olive, tapenade

S09 E22 – Behind The Eats

Featured: Behind the scenes of Good Eats

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