Man Lab Link-Off: Mind Blowing

It’s time for more links from your friends at the Man Lab. Sometimes I’m not sure whether this post is supposed to link to eye candy or advice for guys. Either way, we’ll start with the clinically underrated Anne V.

It’s time for AskMen’s annual list of the 49 most influential men in the world. Who should be your male celebrity role medal for the next year? (AskMen)

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Man Lab Link-Off: Giving Thanks

Since we’ve been on a bit of a Man Lab kick around Canadian Thanksgiving, we figured that you deserve some links. Did you know that it’s been four weeks since our last set of links from the Man Lab? To make up for that, let’s kick off this post with Kate Upton. The world’s been a better place since she popped up on the radar this year.

Let’s kick off this week’s MLLO with a look at 101 women who you might not have heard of before. Even if you have heard of some of them, it doesn’t hurt to see them again. (Guyism)

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Man Lab Link-Off: Goodbye Summer

It’s the last set of links from the Man Lab before summer is officially over. To close out summer, here’s this summer’s newest pop sensation Alexandra Stan who we first brought to your attention back at the beginning of July.

To say goodbye to summer, let’s have our pals over at Bro Bible take a look back at some of the hottest women who popped on the radar this summer. (Bro Bible) Also, is it bad form to point out that Olga Kurylenko was a Bond girl in Quantum of Solace?

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Man Lab Link-Off: Highway To The Friend Zone

It’s another set of Man Lab links. Let’s give this linkdump a Canadian flavour to kick things off. Here’s Canadian model Kim Cloutier. The fact that she was only in the SI Swimsuit Issue once is their loss.

Somehow, Kim was left off another typically confusing hottest women list. This one is by Men’s Health. While some of the rankings are confusing, I’m not particularly upset with #1. (Men’s Health)

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Man Lab Link-Off: Back In The Game

It’s been a whole three weeks since we last ran a set of link provided by the Man Lab. To make up for the lack of recent links, here’s Bar Refaeli.

If there’s a list of top party schools out there, it’s the job of the Man Lab to find it for you. The latest list is from the Princeton Review which calls Ohio University America’s top party school. (The Big Lead)

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Man Lab: Breakfast In Bed Recipes

At the Man Lab, we’re huge advocates of the adage that the way to a woman’s heart is through her stomach. I’ve never met a woman who wasn’t impressed with a man who is a decent cook. You don’t have to be a Michelin star calibre chef to impress a woman with your culinary prowess. All you need to do is cook something that doesn’t make her want to vomit.

So in today’s Man Lab post, we have three breakfast recipes to try cooking for your girl. After all, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Continue reading

Man Lab Link-Off: Lesson Time

Today’s set of Man Lab approved links has all sorts of lessons that men need to know. The first lesson that we can take from this post is that Pamela Anderson still looks good at 44 (though she probably has some help from some airbrushing specialists).

The crew over at AskMen have wrapped up their Great Male Survey. It’s an important insight into your fellow man. Remember, advance scouting can help you top your competition at the bar. (AskMen)

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