Sunday Link-Off: ‘Twas 48 Hours Before Christmas

bar-refaeli-underme12-05It’s time for our last linkdump before Christmas. Don’t worry, we’ll still be posting over the holidays. I still haven’t sorted out what is going up on Tuesday but we’ll even have something then. For now, here’s a Christmas-themed Bar Refaeli.

The NRA finally spoke about the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting on Friday. Their solution, as expected, was more guns. The problem is that what they’re asking for to protect people’s freedoms is going to have the exact opposite effect. (Slate)

The other problem with more guns is that giving every Tom, Dick and Harry guns won’t solve anything. Armed civilians only solve problems when they’re trained police or military personnel who happen to be in the right place at the right time. (Mother Jones)

The right might think more guns is the answer but the man who owns the loudest “news” voice of the right disagrees. Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch is advocating for gun control while Fox News isn’t. (New York Magazine)

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Man Lab Link-Off: Back In The Game

It’s been a whole three weeks since we last ran a set of link provided by the Man Lab. To make up for the lack of recent links, here’s Bar Refaeli.

If there’s a list of top party schools out there, it’s the job of the Man Lab to find it for you. The latest list is from the Princeton Review which calls Ohio University America’s top party school. (The Big Lead)

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Man Lab Link-Off: Cooking

It’s time for another edition of all the links of for the modern man. Let’s kick off with Bar Refaeli. I’m assuming Leo DiCaprio is either blind or in the closet to dump Bar. It’s just impossible to think he had a logical reason.

Don’t ask me how this UBC study works but it essentially says that women love bad boys. Proud or shamed looking men are more attractive to women than happy men. Maybe that Twilight dude was onto something. (Health Zone)

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Sunday Link-Off: Sporting Brouhaha

For the first SLO of a new year, here’s a new face for the blog, Bar Refaeli.

A look at athlete “transgressions” from an inside perspective. (New York Times)

Suppose somebody was to make a movie about Tiger Woods’ transgressions. Who would you put in that movie? Well, somebody’s already fantasy cast a Tiger Wood’s biopic. (Fanhouse)

Basketball is such a civil sport. Players will fight with fans, sleep with other players’ fiancés and even draw guns on each other. Even weirder, it was teammates drawing guns on each other. (Deadspin) And you thought the NFL had a culture problem…

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