Man Lab Link-Off: Lesson Time

Today’s set of Man Lab approved links has all sorts of lessons that men need to know. The first lesson that we can take from this post is that Pamela Anderson still looks good at 44 (though she probably has some help from some airbrushing specialists).

The crew over at AskMen have wrapped up their Great Male Survey. It’s an important insight into your fellow man. Remember, advance scouting can help you top your competition at the bar. (AskMen)

After the jump, the Code of Men, what women hate and Russia’s greatest grassroots political movement.

Remember when Miller did their short-lived Man Law schtick? Apart from getting Burt Reynolds on TV, I’m not really sure those ads had a purpose. Anyway, if you need a code to live by, follow the Man Code. (Caveman Circus)

Ever wonder what your job says about you? Here’s what 13 common careers say to women. (Guyism)

Usually the MLLO is littered with tip of things of what to do to improve your chances with women. Today, I’ve got a lot of links about what you shouldn’t do. For example, you shouldn’t admit to seeing any of these 14 movies. (COED Magazine) Funny story: A friend of Jackie’s couldn’t understand “Cloverfield” when we called him to look up times for it at a theatre across town while we were busing to another mall. He got us to a theatre showing at 27 Dresses. Suffice to say that we didn’t go and he got some razzing afterwords.

If you don’t want to sink your chances with a woman, don’t do these ten things she’ll hate when you start dating. (College Candy)

And here are ten more things that women hate that you do in general. (Shave Magazine)

There are also things that women shouldn’t say. Here are ten things that women say that men hate. (COED Magazine)

Also under the inadvisable column is workplace romances. But if you feel compelled to, try to follow these tips to keep it from blowing up completely. (The Smoking Jacket)

Have I mentioned lately how fond I am of partaking in an alcoholic beverage or two. That’s why I thought this list of five things you probably don’t know about beer. (Campus Socialite)

The final season of Entourage debuted last weekend. I’ve never watched it but I understand it has one redeeming factor: The copious amounts of eye candy. So here’s a gallery looking back at seven seasons of the women of Entourage. (Bro Bible)

I don’t know anything about Russian politics but I know this is the best grassroots political campaign ever. A group of Russian women have pledge to flash in support of Vladimir Putin. I don’t know what this will accomplish but can someone start this campaign over here?

And apropos of nothing, here’s the spoof Super Mario Sex Tape.

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