Man Lab Link-Off: Being a Boy of Summer

Did you know it’s been 50 days since we last did a Man Lab linkdump? We’ve got a lot of links to go through but let’s start with Raica Oliveira.

You’ve probably seen this list floating around the interwebs but here is COED’s list of the 50 most popular women on the internet based on the number of Google search results. (COED Magazine)

After the jump, food women want, booze for everyone and the Man Lab’s first song recommendation.

Good news, good guys. Scientists say that men who are good listeners are better at sex. Make sure you have this article conveniently lying around when women unburden themselves to you. (Daily Mail)

The say the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Well, it works for women too. So here are seven dishes that every man must know how to make. (Guyism)

And if you need some help with #1 on that list, here are the best burger recipes from around the interweb. Even I might try to make a couple of these. (Cool Material)

You know what goes good with burgers? Beer. But did you know that there’s more that you can do with beer than serve it straight? (Made Man)

If beer isn’t your thing, then you should stock up on other hard liquors. But what booze should you have at home? Here’s a guide to stocking your home bar. (Art of Manliness)

How about some dating advice for you? Here are ten places that you should skip for the first date. (Virile Magazine)

Want to make that first date go well? There are four things you can do to increase your appeal to women. (Mankind Unplugged)

People are willing to do a lot of things to make themselves look good. For example, here are the five saddest things that people do to make themselves look smart. (Cracked)

Looking to own the bar on your next night out? Not literally owning your own bar but taking charge in one of your favourite establishments. (The Campus Socialite)

Remember: Connections don’t just happen in the bar. There are a lot of friends you’ll make out on the golf course. But you’re not going to make many golf buddies if your handicap is as bad as mine. So here are some tips to help you pattern your golf game after golf’s new golden boy Rory McIlroy. (Men’s Health)

Of course, treating yourself better is important to improving your chances with women. Here are 39 things you can do to improve your livelihood. (Ned Hardy)

Looking to get out of the friend zone? A British relationship expert has some advice for you. (AskMen)

New music in a Man Lab post? Trust me, when you see Alexandra Stan, you’ll understand why. Remember, you heard about her here first.

For no apparent reason, here’s UFC ring girl Arianny Celeste rolling around in limes for a crap beer.

All guys love a woman who can work a pole but have you ever seen a woman as talented as her? A champion pole dancer (yes, they have championships for that) shows us how it can really be done.

And on a slightly related note, here’s Emmanuelle Chriqui giving Adrianne Palicki a lap dance.


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