Man Lab Link-Off: Highway To The Friend Zone

It’s another set of Man Lab links. Let’s give this linkdump a Canadian flavour to kick things off. Here’s Canadian model Kim Cloutier. The fact that she was only in the SI Swimsuit Issue once is their loss.

Somehow, Kim was left off another typically confusing hottest women list. This one is by Men’s Health. While some of the rankings are confusing, I’m not particularly upset with #1. (Men’s Health)

After the jump, how to know if you’re going to the friend zone, how to use the internet for dating and VSX.

We’ve all been there: The friend zone. This isn’t just the place for the average guy. It’s also the residence for some popular TV characters. (Guyism)

How do you know if you’ll end up in the friend zone? Watch out for these seven signs that she likes you. (AskMen) From personal experience, #1 is probably the most important one to watch for.

Suppose things don’t work out. The WSJ have looked into how people handle getting dumped in the social media age. (Wall Street Journal)

And speaking of social media, here are some tips on how to take Facebook pictures that women will take notice of. (Made Man)

Failing the picture thing, you could just out and out lie about your life on Facebook to make yourself seem interesting and to make your friends jealous. Here’s how to be an expert liar online. (Gizmodo)

Ever wonder what the staples of the male wardrobe is? Here are ten things every man needs in his closet. (AskMen) Shockingly, I have #1 through #4 but not the rest. Maybe I’ll work on #5 through #8 first.

If you’d prefer your wardrobe was contemporary rather than timeless, check out this look at fall fashion trends for men. (GQ) That’s seriously making me contemplate buying a double-breasted suit rather than just a single-breasted one.

Another thing that every man should have in his life is his own novel. Hell, I’ve got two half-written books myself. If you’ve ever wanted to know how to write a book, here’s how. (Art of Manliness)

Now women aren’t impressed by men fighting… Unless they’re fans of boxing/wrestling/MMA and even then they don’t want to see you try it outside of a sanctioned event. But you’re still likely to be needing to throw a punch at some point in your life. Fortunately, I found some tips on improving your likely poor pugilistic skills. (Guyism) And don’t try a SHOURYUKEN! unless she’s a huge Street Fighter fan.

Speaking of manly things that women aren’t impressed by, here’s a guide to buying cigars like you know what you’re talking about. (Shave Magazine)

Tying back to some earlier themes, here’s one of the internet’s newest memes. It’s Friend Zone Fiona. (Caveman Circus) I’m not sure whether it’s funny or sad because it’s all true.

You might have seen Victoria’s Secret’s new line of workout clothing VSX. Well, it turns out that promotion isn’t just limited to circulating photoshoots with Candice Swanepoel and Erin Heatherton on the internet. They’re also have video promos.

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