Wednesday Link-Off: The Real News

kim-cloutier-3suisses14-02Well, I don’t know about you but this has seemed like a busy week after only three days. I’ve been lacking writing time at the start of the week but at least we should be good through the end of the week. Or at least I hope so. It’s been so busy that I have enough news stories that I don’t have to give a fashion designer’s death third billing. Good job, CBC.

Anyway, it’s time for the Wednesday set of links. Here’s the return of blog favourite Kim Cloutier.

The man who ran down two Canadian soldiers in Quebec on Monday was on an RCMP terrorist watch list. (NBC News)

The market for the personal data of every consumer in the world is a market worth over $150 billion per year. However, America’s Federal Trade Commission can’t regulate the market because it’s so secretive that they can’t get any info. (New York Times)

Want to hear a tale of people figuring out an exploit in video poker machines that allowed them to run up huge jackpots until casino security caught on to them for getting too greedy? Of course you do. (Wired)

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Sunday Link-Off: They Actually Made Me Go to Rehab

kim-cloutier-soma14-01If you’re not here in Canada, you might not know that this is a holiday weekend. It’s our version of the May long weekend coinciding with the third Monday of the month while America’s Memorial Day is on the fourth Monday. The more you know… not that you needed to know that. I like to educate every now and then.

And since this is a Canadian holiday weekend, we should start this post with a Canadian model. Here’s Kim Cloutier. Really, no one else could kick off this post.

New York Times executive editor Jill Abramson was fired because she demanded equal pay to her male predecessor. That’s a sad state of affairs when that happens. (The New Yorker)

How far behind male colleagues was Abramson? Only about $100,000. (Politico)

It’s not just the Fair Elections Act that the Harper Government is missing the mark with. Everyone from lawyers to NGOs to the victims of cyberbullying are opposed to the Canadian Government’s cyberbullying bill. And you want to elect Harper’s Ontario lieutenant. (Vice)

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Wednesday Link-Off: The Return

kim-cloutier-aubade14-03The Lowdown Blog is back in business this morning. And because today is Wednesday, it’s time for us to do the middle of the week set of links. Some of these links are a little old but I think they’re still important reads for you.

Let’s start today’s links with blog favourite and Canadian model Kim Cloutier.

Ontario PC party leader Tim Hudak has unofficially kicked off his election campaign with a promise to create one million new jobs. However, history shows that it’s extremely unlikely to happen. (MacLean’s)

Is the Harper Government trying to destroy science in Canada? The government is engaged in the closing of scientific libraries and destruction of documents. (Daily Kos)

The Democratic Party might be leaning towards running Hilary in the 2016 Presidential election but they’re still not in great shape to hold onto The White House. (Washington Post)

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Wednesday Link-Off: The Shut Down that Never Ends

kim-cloutier-wacoal13-01It seems to be a quiet week in the world this week. I’ve been trying to dig up links but there isn’t much to link to but we still have the best links on the interweb. For now, let’s start the links with Lowdown Blog favourite Kim Cloutier.

While there seems to be some dissent between the Tea Party and more progressive GOP congressmen, the Democrats can’t capitalize because of a new rule the GOP enacted just before the shut down. (Gawker)

Along the same lines of my recent et geekera column, the NYT just realized that the news media is biased too. (New York Times)

It’s sad but American high school athletes getting preferential treatment from the legal system and getting away with rape is more common that we care to admit. (Kansas City Star)

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Sunday Link-Off: Jurnalizm

kim-cloutier-laredoute13-01It’s the weekend so it’s time for the links. Remember when I called this the Weekend Link-Off? That was the good old days when we had like 30 uniques a week. Good times. No, wait. Those times were simpler but I never felt like I was accomplishing anything. Okay, the top posts still make me fell that way but at least people are reading now.

Anyway, let’s start this post with one of our favourites, Kim Cloutier.

And, yes, I meant to spell the title that way.

Using Edward Snowden’s data, here’s a look at how Microsoft collaborated with the NSA to give them your data. (The Guardian)

A former CNN producer and current journalism professor says that it might be time to stop considering CNN a news network. (Gawker)

Sharknado may have been all the rage on Twitter but it wasn’t SyFy’s highest rated original movie. Maybe that’s because Twitter isn’t a good proxy for the general population. (Slate)

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Wednesday Link-Off: The Actual Story

kim-cloutier-3suisses13-04It’s the middle of the week which means it’s time for some links. We’ve been hard at work prepping some E3 preview coverage that will start next week. Between Formula One, IndyCar and E3, it’ll be a busy week on the blog next week. Anyway, let’s start today’s links with the return of Canadian model Kim Cloutier.

Martha Stewart may have gone to prison for insider trading but nowadays insider trading is almost the rule rather than the exception. (New Yorker)

The Rob Ford crack video “is gone” according to the video’s owner. I wonder who bought it to hide it forever… (Gawker)

Rob Ford says that his crack scandal has been good for the city… Because it’s increased tourism interest. I don’t think that making your city a laughing-stock is a good way to increase tourism. (The Atlantic Wire)

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Wednesday Link-Off: Out of the News

kim-cloutier-femilet13-01Well, I haven’t heard many good things about yesterday’s gaming column about how gamers rights are virtually non-existent. I’ve heard that I’m a bit of a whiner for thinking that gamers deserve to be treated like everyone else and trying to keep people from being hosed by terrible games. Like I said yesterday, that’s the sort of in-fighting that will hurt us all in the long-run.

Anyway, one thing I won’t get complaints about is featuring Kim Cloutier.

The legendary free weekly newspaper The Boston Phoenix is closing its doors. File this one under why we can’t have nice things. (Gawker)

It’s not just small local papers that might be on the way out. It seems as though local TV newscasts could soon follow in their print brethren’s footsteps. (New York Times)

The two Steubenville football players charged with rape were convicted. While most people weren’t exactly sympathetic to those guys, CNN treated them like victims. (BuzzFeed)

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