Man Lab Link-Off: Cooking

It’s time for another edition of all the links of for the modern man. Let’s kick off with Bar Refaeli. I’m assuming Leo DiCaprio is either blind or in the closet to dump Bar. It’s just impossible to think he had a logical reason.

Don’t ask me how this UBC study works but it essentially says that women love bad boys. Proud or shamed looking men are more attractive to women than happy men. Maybe that Twilight dude was onto something. (Health Zone)

After the jump, how to meet women, strange hangover cures and advice from movie dads.

I probably should have led with this but here it is anyway. It’s how to meet single women. (Ask Men)

And on a similar note, here are some tips on how to find women on Facebook. (FHM)

If those two articles above don’t help, try the advice of this professional wing girl. (COED)

Should the pickup tips not help, you could always cook your way to a girl’s heart. Start by learning how to grill a better burger. (Guyism)

And on to drinking. Something that we do with alarming frequency at the Man Lab. Anyway, here are the eight best beer apps for your iThingy. (Cool Material)

Or if hard liquor is more your speed, here is a guide to rum. (Esquire)

When all your drinking is said and done, you’re probably going to need a hangover helper. So here are the world’s strangest hangover cures. (Travel and Leisure)

Sunglasses are also something that can help you with hangovers. Here’s what your shades say about you. (Slate)

And let’s wrap up with a list of the ten dudes that you don’t want to be. (Complex)

Here’s a look at the six types of girls that you date in college. Or, at least the ones you would date if you follow the Man Lab’s advice.

A bit late, we’ve got a mashup of great advice from movie dads.

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