Man Lab Link-Off: Back In The Game

It’s been a whole three weeks since we last ran a set of link provided by the Man Lab. To make up for the lack of recent links, here’s Bar Refaeli.

If there’s a list of top party schools out there, it’s the job of the Man Lab to find it for you. The latest list is from the Princeton Review which calls Ohio University America’s top party school. (The Big Lead)

After the jump, how to get out of the doghouse, how to meet women if you can’t get out of the doghouse and the world’s top and up-and-coming hotties.

We’ve all been there where we’ve done something wrong to piss her off. But here’s how you can get back in your girl’s good graces. (Shave Magazine)

Under gifts in that last article, you could also add going shopping with her. That’s not any guy’s idea of fun but here’s some advice on how to survive. (Guyism)

Well, let’s suppose that all doesn’t really work for you. It’s back on to the market for you. But if there’s one thing that I detest, it’s the desperate dating scene of the local drinking establishments. I much prefer this list of places to meet women outside of bars. (AskMen)

Or if the bar is more your thing, try these tips for cocktail lounge etiquette. (Esquire)

So, you’ve found the girl. How do you get her? CONFIDENCE! (Virile Mag)

Social interaction not quite your cup of tea? Online dating might be for you. Here’s how you can set up the perfect online profile. (Gizmodo)

True story: One of my co-workers knows more about power tools than her boyfriend and gives him advice on what he needs to use and when. Don’t get caught looking like that chump. Here’s a must-read guide to the four power tools you need and what you need them for. (Art of Manliness)

Women have some strange idea of what men will like. Take this recent Cosmo list of 50 things to spice up things in the bedroom. It’s absolutely awful. Fortunately, the additional commentary makes the list better. (College Humor)

It’s been four years since the gang at COED released a list of up-and-coming hotties. Naturally, I have to run their list for the emerging hotties of 2012. (COED Magazine)

If you’d rather stick to established hotties, you should check out Guyism’s list of the 100 sexiest lingerie models in the world. (Guyism)

We’re not going to bite the hand that hosts us for free by saying that we can’t embed this video on our blog because of whatever ridiculous setup they have so we won’t. Instead, if the object of your desires happens to literally cross your path in the street, here’s how you can pick her up. (AskMen)

A while back, we ran a video about girls willing to flash to support Vlad Putin. Well, they haven’t gotten to flashing yet but they are giving out bikini car washes in support of the Prime Minister.

If Bar up at the top of this post wasn’t quite your pace, maybe you’d prefer this video of Kate Upton.

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