Man Lab Link-Off: The Approach

Move over, Danica Patrick. Canada now can lay claim to the new top woman in motorsports (apart from my girl Simona De Silvestro). Here’s ARCA star Maryeve Dufault. She’s currently 13th in the ARCA Series standings.

I can’t say that I’ve ever understood the short-lived obsession people had with assembling “bucket lists.” Then I saw this ultimate bucket list for men and figured that I could definitely stand to do some of these 50 things before I kick it. (Guyism)

After the jump, important life secrets, how to approach women and Kenny Powers is the MFCEO.

We don’t do just dating advice in the Man Lab. We also provide good life advice. For example, here are 50 important life secrets and tips. (High Existence)

Today in dating advice I needed years ago, it’s how to approach a woman you don’t know. (The Smoking Jacket)

Part of the approach is actually talking to women. Don’t get the wrong impression from this link but here are five tips to help you bullshit about anything. At the very least, these will help make you a better communicator. (Made Man)

Or maybe you could get them to approach you instead. Try these ten ways to improve your attractiveness to women. (AskMen)

You know what else might help. A nice watch. I think watches are criminally underrated as fashion accessories. Here are 11 watches that you can wear instead of using your cellphone as a watch. (Esquire)

Alright, suppose that you actually pull it off and get yourself a date. Here are the seven things that women will be worried about during your first date. (Guyism)

Interestingly, women seem mildly interested in video games as part of date nights at your place. Now, I’ve heard they like games from when they grew up so I hope you still have your NES/SNES/N64 still kicking around and working. Failing that, try some of these seven games for your non-gamer girlfriend. (COED Magazine)

Twice, we’ve taken a look at musicians that women like that you can talk about to make an impression with women. Well, here are five more albums that will impress women. (Every Guyed)

Ever wonder what women check out on other women? An eye tracking study that examined various ads show that women focus more on T&A than men. (Business Insider)

How about some random guy products for you? Nothing special for the women, just dude stuff. Here are five cool products for men. (The Campus Socialite)

This one’s an old link but it’s a look at the 12 most popular porn stars. Shockingly, 11 of them are women. (CNBC)

Kenny Powers takes over K-Swiss as the Mother Fucking Chief Executive Officer. He’s fucking in and the old guard is fucking out. Yes, I watch Eastbound and Down.

Putsch Racing has built a working Batmobile complete with turbine engine. That is awesome.

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