Man Lab Link-Off: Back In The Game

It’s been a whole three weeks since we last ran a set of link provided by the Man Lab. To make up for the lack of recent links, here’s Bar Refaeli.

If there’s a list of top party schools out there, it’s the job of the Man Lab to find it for you. The latest list is from the Princeton Review which calls Ohio University America’s top party school. (The Big Lead)

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Man Lab Link-Off: The Approach

Move over, Danica Patrick. Canada now can lay claim to the new top woman in motorsports (apart from my girl Simona De Silvestro). Here’s ARCA star Maryeve Dufault. She’s currently 13th in the ARCA Series standings.

I can’t say that I’ve ever understood the short-lived obsession people had with assembling “bucket lists.” Then I saw this ultimate bucket list for men and figured that I could definitely stand to do some of these 50 things before I kick it. (Guyism)

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