Sunday Link-Off: Make Us Whole

hannah-ferguson-galore14-01How important is the NFL to the cultural fabric of America? Something like thirteen channels were covering Roger Goodell’s press conference which went on at the same time as President Obama. The guy is leading the country isn’t as important as the guy leading the country’s leading sports league. Maybe that’s an illustration of the start of their problems…

Anyway, it’s Sunday morning which means that we’re doing the links. Let’s start with Hannah Ferguson in cheerleading garb which is ever so appropriate.

There was some concern that Quebec separatists would be bolstered by the strength of the Yes campaign in Scotland. However, the strength of the separation movement in Quebec might be the weakest that it’s been in 40 years. (The Globe and Mail)

With the Scottish Referendum done, the work isn’t finished for those in the British Parliament supporting the no side. They still have to come through on their promises. Failing to do so could start another independence campaign some years down the road. (MacLean’s)

“The days when old men get to decide what a woman does with her body are long gone.” Oh, Justin Trudeau… When will you stop trying to court me? I’m already in your corner. (CBC News)

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Sunday Link-Off: The Family Legacy

melanie-iglesias-newyorkpost14-02Well, if you’re a fan of Toronto or Canadian politics, you’ve picked the right week to check out the Sunday links. All Canadians are talking about is Rob Ford. Even the Oscar Pistorius news is tertiary to the municipal politics of Toronto. I guess that’s what happens when said municipal politics features an admitted crack user as the mayor and an alleged drug dealer as his brother’s replacement in the election.

But before we get into that and all the other Sunday links, here’s American model Melanie Iglesias.

It’s a rare look inside a dying mayoral campaign with now-former Toronto mayoral candidate David Soknacki. One of his campaign staff went on the record to say that Toronto voters elected Rob Ford in 2010 because they were “very superficial.” And you wonder why his campaign was going so badly that he withdrew. (Torontoist)

And given that Mayor Ford is in hospital with an abdominal tumour, his brother Doug is carrying the family name in the mayoral race while Rob will run for Ward 2 council. While Rob was in with a shot at being re-elected, pundits aren’t holding out hope for Doug. (MacLean’s)

Mayor Ford’s former chief of staff, Mark Towhey, is working on a “tell-all” book about his time with the Ford administration. Conveniently, it’s coming out six days before the election. (

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Sunday Link-Off: Breaking Conservative

chrissy-teigen-espys14-01The start of the week wasn’t particularly interesting from a news standpoint but it got a bit too interesting by the end of the week. While you’ve probably just been keeping up with some of the major international stories, we have some links about the political goings on in Canada among other interesting links.

Anyway, it’s time to get the post started. Let’s start with the only noteworthy thing from the ESPYs. That would be Chrissy Teigen.

Contrary to what the Conservative Party would have you believe, most Canadians think that current marijuana laws are too harsh. In fact, the government’s own polling shows that. (Metro)

Speaking of Conservative Party battles, they’re blaming of their battles with the Supreme Court on the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Damned rights getting in the way of oppressing people. (

NBC News pulled their top Middle East reporter out of Gaza after he reported about Israeli forces killing four Palestinian boys earlier this week. Given American networks’ reputations for pre-Israel coverage, it didn’t go over well. (The Intercept)

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Sunday Link-Off: Fireworks

arianny-celeste-fitnessgurls14-02There are two weeks that are an absolute curse to a blogger. One is that stretch between Christmas and New Year’s when the internet basically shuts down. The other is the Canada Day / Independence Day stretch where you want to shut down at the start and the American blogosphere shuts down at the other end and nobody gets anything done. It makes for some short linkdumps is what I’m trying to say.

We do have some links though. If you’re interested in the return of Rob Ford or what the WWE is banking its stock price on, this is a good post for you. First, since this is a post-Independence Day post, let’s start with Arianny Celeste.

Rob Ford is back running the show at City Hall. Is he the new man that he claims to be? (Toronto Sun)

And Ford is only 10 points behind Olivia Chow in the latest poll despite two months in rehab. Despite being closer than any other politician would be, he’s probably not close enough to pull off the comeback. (ThreeHundredEight)

The Grid magazine, Toronto’s free weekly news magazine, is closing its doors after three years due to poor finances. Now who will profile the lovely and talented Robyn Doolittle? (The Globe and Mail)

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Sunday Link-Off: The Majority Rules

michea-crawford-laredoute14-06Well, when the Ontario provincial election happened, I don’t think anyone expected or even dreamed that the Liberals would take a majority government. A minority government was what the polls were predicting but it turned out much larger than that.

We talk about that and a lot more in today’s set of Sunday links. But first, let’s kick things off with Michea Crawford.

A lot of people were surprised that the Liberals won the Ontario election with a majority. Even I was shocked and I voted red. Did the polling data indicate that this result was likely? (ThreeHundredEight)

One report suggests that the Globe & Mail editorial board wanted to endorse the Liberals. They were told to change their mind and pick Tim Hudak and the PCs. (Canadaland)

And speaking of late switches, a rare electoral error meant that the Thornhill riding that was declared for the Liberals is actually supposed to be a PC seat. (Metro News)

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Sunday Link-Off: #ONPoli

chloe-bennet-esquire14-01And so marks the first time that a linkdump has been titled a hashtag. I somehow doubt that this will end up being a trend but it’s fitting considering we have two links about the Ontario provincial election and the Toronto mayoral election. That’s all the Ontario politics that most people would care about. Granted, I don’t expect anyone to really worry too much about Ontario’s politics. I think we’re screwed regardless of who ends up in power.

Anyway, it’s time for us to do the Sunday links. For fun, let’s kick it off with Chloe Bennet of Agents of SHIELD fame.

In something that shouldn’t be news to anyone, there are Russians among the pro-separatist militants causing unrest in Ukraine. Still wouldn’t be shocked if the Russian government was involved in this somehow. (New York Times)

Tim Hudak’s Million Jobs Plan sounds all well and good. The only problem is that the math is so completely broken that they may have overestimated jobs created by a factor of eight, didn’t factor in their own 100,000 public sector job eliminations and failed to mention half of their million jobs are expected to be added to the Ontario economy without their intervention required. (MacLean’s)

And Tim Hudak wants to make a better tomorrow for Ontario by cutting education spending. That’ll help tomorrow’s Ontario. (Toronto Star)

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Sunday Link-Off: Harper Strikes Back

jessica-pare-esquire14-02It’s the beginning of another week which means that it’s time for us to give you another set of links. I’d like to think of the start of this post as Canada-centric while it finishes a more nationally agnostic. That doesn’t mean that there won’t be something for everyone in here.

But let’s start off with something Canadian. Since Mad Men is back on Sunday, here’s Jessica Pare.

The Fair Elections Act is going to cripple democracy in Canada but most Canadians aren’t arsed about the impending death of their democracy. Why are they so apathetic? (CBC News)

In news that should surprise no one, an upcoming UN report will suggest that Russia did everything in its power to make sure the secession of Crimea happened as they planned. (Foreign Policy)

A retiring SEC lawyer used his farewell speech to denounce the commission’s soft stance on traders who caused the recent financial crisis. I don’t think he’ll find many people off of Wall Street who will disagree. (Bloomberg)

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