Sunday Link-Off: Fireworks

arianny-celeste-fitnessgurls14-02There are two weeks that are an absolute curse to a blogger. One is that stretch between Christmas and New Year’s when the internet basically shuts down. The other is the Canada Day / Independence Day stretch where you want to shut down at the start and the American blogosphere shuts down at the other end and nobody gets anything done. It makes for some short linkdumps is what I’m trying to say.

We do have some links though. If you’re interested in the return of Rob Ford or what the WWE is banking its stock price on, this is a good post for you. First, since this is a post-Independence Day post, let’s start with Arianny Celeste.

Rob Ford is back running the show at City Hall. Is he the new man that he claims to be? (Toronto Sun)

And Ford is only 10 points behind Olivia Chow in the latest poll despite two months in rehab. Despite being closer than any other politician would be, he’s probably not close enough to pull off the comeback. (ThreeHundredEight)

The Grid magazine, Toronto’s free weekly news magazine, is closing its doors after three years due to poor finances. Now who will profile the lovely and talented Robyn Doolittle? (The Globe and Mail)

Ukrainian astronomers have named a star Putin Is A Dickhead. It’s not slander if it’s true. (The Wire)

I tend to think of BuzzFeed as Reddit-lite for a more mainstream audience. Some people think of it as the downfall of society. (New York Times)

John Cena is once again the WWE champion. I doubt anyone reading is likely to be too bothered about that. However, a writer for Forbes crunched the numbers and thinks that John Cena as champion might not be what’s best for the business of the WWE. (Forbes)

And speaking of Cena, he’s also on the cover of WWE 2K15. The only problem with that is that WWE video games have developed its own Madden Curse that has seen the likes of Vince McMahon, Triple H, Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan all suffer unfortunate mishaps that put their in-ring career on hold while on the cover of the most recent game. (The Masked Man)

Homer Simpson’s attempt at car design may have put a car company out of business but it also was the harbinger of future car design. (Wired)

What happens when you hire a “millennial” as a social media manager? They mistake the Challenger disaster for fireworks. I’m being serious. That actually happened. (LA Times)

I’m going to run this on et geekera next week but SLO readers get a quick preview. It’s a Katy Perry song with a Star Trek music video and it’s magical.


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