Wednesday Link-Off: The Return

kim-cloutier-aubade14-03The Lowdown Blog is back in business this morning. And because today is Wednesday, it’s time for us to do the middle of the week set of links. Some of these links are a little old but I think they’re still important reads for you.

Let’s start today’s links with blog favourite and Canadian model Kim Cloutier.

Ontario PC party leader Tim Hudak has unofficially kicked off his election campaign with a promise to create one million new jobs. However, history shows that it’s extremely unlikely to happen. (MacLean’s)

Is the Harper Government trying to destroy science in Canada? The government is engaged in the closing of scientific libraries and destruction of documents. (Daily Kos)

The Democratic Party might be leaning towards running Hilary in the 2016 Presidential election but they’re still not in great shape to hold onto The White House. (Washington Post)

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Sunday Link-Off: All It’s Cracked Up to Be

rachel-mortenson-fredericks13-01It’s the end of another week… or is it the beginning of a new one. That’s the problem with North America and Europe disagreeing on whether Sunday or Monday starts a week. Anyway, it’s Sunday which means that it’s time for the links. Let’s start with Rachel Mortenson.

Funny story, after the Lisi fella was arrested, a co-worker asked if I actually thought the Rob Ford crack video existed. He thought it was all fake. Well, the Toronto Police Chief says he was wrong. (Toronto Star)

And Mayor Ford also called into a news talk radio show under a pseudonym to defend himself. Smart move. (Boing Boing)

Meanwhile, in federal government, Prime Minister Harper isn’t responsible for anything going wrong in Parliament… Unless he is to blame. (National Post)

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