Sunday Link-Off: We Coming For You, Hulkster

arianny-celeste-solkissed15-01Well, this was certainly an interesting week in the world of news. I thought that I would be running the usual politics and news links. Instead, we’re talking about a man who admitted on video to being racist while everyone else says that it’s an isolated incident. I’m not sure what to believe but I’ll probably believe the guy who says “I’m a racist” on tape.

Anyway, it’s time for the Sunday links. Let’s stay sort of to theme with UFC ring girl Arianny Celeste.

So the big story of the weekend is Hulk Hogan’s n-word laden rant in his sex tape. (National Enquirer)

Hulk Hogan doesn’t have the best reputation in the wrestling world at this point. Even his apologies are probably questionable considering his history of lying. (Vice Sports)

Outside of downtown Toronto, nobody else is quite seeing the benefit of the Pan-Am Games. (Oshawa This Week)

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Sunday Link-Off: Fireworks

arianny-celeste-fitnessgurls14-02There are two weeks that are an absolute curse to a blogger. One is that stretch between Christmas and New Year’s when the internet basically shuts down. The other is the Canada Day / Independence Day stretch where you want to shut down at the start and the American blogosphere shuts down at the other end and nobody gets anything done. It makes for some short linkdumps is what I’m trying to say.

We do have some links though. If you’re interested in the return of Rob Ford or what the WWE is banking its stock price on, this is a good post for you. First, since this is a post-Independence Day post, let’s start with Arianny Celeste.

Rob Ford is back running the show at City Hall. Is he the new man that he claims to be? (Toronto Sun)

And Ford is only 10 points behind Olivia Chow in the latest poll despite two months in rehab. Despite being closer than any other politician would be, he’s probably not close enough to pull off the comeback. (ThreeHundredEight)

The Grid magazine, Toronto’s free weekly news magazine, is closing its doors after three years due to poor finances. Now who will profile the lovely and talented Robyn Doolittle? (The Globe and Mail)

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Wednesday Link-Off: Tech War

Well, we survived yesterday’s solar flare and narrowly escaped SOPA. That doesn’t mean that the internet isn’t turning into a bit of a battle ground. But we can all agree on Arianny Celeste.

The story of Joe Paterno’s death quickly became more than a story about a man dying. It was more a case study of the modern media and it’s shoot first, ask questions later mentality. (Poynter)

With MegaUpload getting shutdown by the FBI, other file sharing websites are tripping over themselves not to suffer the same fate. But are they signing their own death warrants? (Gizmodo)

TV writer/director/producer Ken Levine shows how it’s much harder to be an actor trying to find steady work than a writer in Hollywood. (By Ken Levine)

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Wednesday Link-Off: Snowed In

To warm you up on a cold day in most parts of Canada, here’s Arianny Celeste.

For the third straight day today, the University of Western Ontario is closed for a snow day. There’s been one snow day over the last five years so UWO students might struggle to think of things to do today. Fortunately, our pals at LDU have some suggestions to pass the time. (Lion’s Den U)

Gawker is changing the look of their blogs again. It looks like the beginning of a revolution of how you read blogs. (Sports Journalism)

Don Cherry was invited to give a speech to introduce new Toronto mayor Rob Ford to city council. What we got was a legendary speech. It’s so epic that a transcription was on the web within minutes. (Torontoist)

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Sunday Link-Off: Excuse The Delay

Yeah, I missed this week’s WLO because I was unbelievably busy. Hopefully that won’t happen again but to make up for it, here’s Arianny Celeste.

When the Stanley Cup Playoffs end for the Penguins (one way or another), it’s the end of the road for the Mellon Arena. But never fear, Pens fans. Their new place ain’t too shabby and doesn’t have obstructed views like so many new stadiums. (Mondesi’s House)

Phil Mickelson’s got this whole big win thing wrong. It’s supposed to be “I’m going to Disney World!” not “I’m going to Krispy Kreme!” (Devil Ball Golf)

If you were to ask David Stern, the biggest problem facing the NBA may be gambling. (He’s looking at you Tim Donaghy.) Turns out that the competitive gaming world of Starcraft in South Korea is also in rough shape thanks to underworld dealings. (Kotaku)

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