Sunday Link-Off: #ONPoli

chloe-bennet-esquire14-01And so marks the first time that a linkdump has been titled a hashtag. I somehow doubt that this will end up being a trend but it’s fitting considering we have two links about the Ontario provincial election and the Toronto mayoral election. That’s all the Ontario politics that most people would care about. Granted, I don’t expect anyone to really worry too much about Ontario’s politics. I think we’re screwed regardless of who ends up in power.

Anyway, it’s time for us to do the Sunday links. For fun, let’s kick it off with Chloe Bennet of Agents of SHIELD fame.

In something that shouldn’t be news to anyone, there are Russians among the pro-separatist militants causing unrest in Ukraine. Still wouldn’t be shocked if the Russian government was involved in this somehow. (New York Times)

Tim Hudak’s Million Jobs Plan sounds all well and good. The only problem is that the math is so completely broken that they may have overestimated jobs created by a factor of eight, didn’t factor in their own 100,000 public sector job eliminations and failed to mention half of their million jobs are expected to be added to the Ontario economy without their intervention required. (MacLean’s)

And Tim Hudak wants to make a better tomorrow for Ontario by cutting education spending. That’ll help tomorrow’s Ontario. (Toronto Star)

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The Humanoids: Back to School

It’s that time of year again. The kids are back off for another 10 months of having their heads crammed with stuff that they’ll quickly forget over the intervening two months before the next school year. That is unless you’re at college or university. Then you’re learning stuff that is generally useful to you. Actually, at least around my neck of the woods, the kids aren’t in school today. Teachers are already burning a day off today because school had to start early because Labour Day was later this year. Universities and colleges don’t need to start the year earlier to get in all the teaching they need. I’m sure elementary school and high school teachers would protest my insinuation that they are wasting their and the kids’ time by starting school early. They’re wrong, though. The whole first week of school is a waste anyway. Why not start the Tuesday after Labour Day and actually get down to business right away? And don’t get me started about the waste that is the month of June. Anyway, the subjects of today’s series of skewerings need to go back to school or have to their associates back to school. It’s an amazingly eclectic lineup that I’ve got today. Something for the whole family here.

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Wednesday Link-Off: Not Very Intelligent

katie-cassidy-l6Katie Cassidy is still alive on “Harper’s Island” but will she last the two hour finale? Find out Thursday on Global or Saturday on CBS. Skipping it wouldn’t be that smart.

The new chief of British Intelligence is on Facebook. Unfortunately for him, the KGB weren’t the only ones to get their hands on his pictures. (New York Times)

Trying a do-it-yourself home repair while drunk will always end badly. Though most people don’t end up as badly off as this British man. (Daily Telegraph)

Tommy Craggs of Deadspin thinks that he has figured out Sarah Palin’s basketball analogy from her resignation speech. I’d say his play diagram is pretty spot on. (Deadspin)

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Balsillie’s Bid For Coyotes Is Rejected

The old saying is that the third time is the charm. Jim Balsillie has attempted to buy the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Nashville Predators but failed both times. In his third attempt to buy an NHL franchise, the RIM CEO targeted the Phoenix Coyotes for a move to Hamilton. However, just like the last two tries, Jim was denied a chance to make it seven. Continue reading

Murky Details Around Phoenix Coyotes Bankuptcy

More details have emerged surrounding the bankruptcy filing by the Phoenix Coyotes on Tuesday. The NHL appears to be caught off guard by the bankruptcy petition and for good reason. It is believed that the league may have taken over operations of the team earlier in the year. Continue reading

Phoenix Coyotes Declare Bankruptcy

Breaking news this evening.  The ownership group of the Phoenix Coyotes have filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.  The bankruptcy filing also included a proposed sale to a group called PSE Sports & Entertainment, LP.  The sale would involve the team moving to southern Ontario.

Say it with me: “Ladies and gentlemen, here is the starting line-up of your Hamilton Blackberries…”

For more details, click here.

UPDATE: The National Post confirms that RIM CEO Jim Balsillie is part of the PSE bid.

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Last Call: Education Piledriver

Let’s end today with a couple of education stories:

An education thinktank believes that the government of Ontario should increase university tuition by 25% in order to deal with the recession.  Their thinking is that this will keep the quality of education at the current level.  Of course, the middle class will no doubt call “shenanigans” on this plan and bounce the government if they go through with this. 

But maybe there is a point to raising tuition.  After all, look where the economy went with the current education system.  If somehow dumb people can be filtered out of the education system, then that would help the everyone out a whole bunch.  After all, there’s a fair number of people that have shitloads of book smarts but are an unmitigated disaster if you take them away from a text book.

The second story comes from Connecticut’s education system.  In what also could be considered governmental suicide, Linda McMahon (yes, the same that is married to Vince McMahon and is the CEO of the WWE) has been appointed to the Connecticut state board of education.  At the very least, I’m sure she’ll have some unique solutions to deal with problems in the classroom.

And just because I can put it here, Total Pro Sports points out something curling fans already know.

25% Tuition Hike Touted [Toronto Star]
Linda McMahon Piledrives Her Way Onto Board of Education [Rumors & Rants]