Wednesday Link-Off: More than Just Toronto

rachelle-goulding-macys13-03Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends… Well, it does when I run through all the links but I don’t think the WLO series is going anywhere. Anyway, it’s time for the middle of the week links. Since there are a lot of Canadian links in this post, let’s start it off with Canadian model Rachelle Goulding.

Everyone talks about Rob Ford but there’s a lot more wrong in Canadian government than just the Mayor of Toronto. (The Blot)

Speaking of Rob Ford, Vivid wants Rob Ford to star in one of their videos in order to compete with other Rob Ford parody videos. On both counts, please no! (TMZ)

The Pope and I have something in common. We don’t believe that trickle-down economics actually works. (Washington Post)

American Thanksgiving is tomorrow. Here’s a history of the Presidential turkey pardon. (BuzzFeed)

It seems as though fake accounts are taking over Twitter. Here’s a look inside the proliferation and use of fake Twitter accounts. (Wall Street Journal)

We all had a vague idea what happened the night Elin chased Tiger with a nine iron but here’s the detailed account from that fateful Thanksgiving night. (New York Post)

Following what happened with the NFL, a group of ex-NHL players are suing the league over concussions. (Yahoo Sports)

Rogers has bought all NHL broadcast rights in Canada for the next 12 years for $5.2 billion. (Sportsnet)

Hockey isn’t off the CBC but it’s not like CBC is making out well in this new deal. (

Ex-athletes don’t just leave the field of play and take up a broadcasting job. There’s a program to get them up to speed on being analysts. And to think that some of these guys took a crash course and are still awful after it. (The New Yorker)

Keith Olbermann’s return to ESPN may have resulted in his best work ever. (Pop Matters)

Katie Couric’s career has been worse than Olbermann’s since leaving Today. Keith can’t stay employed because he doesn’t play well with other. Katie just can’t keep an audience. Now, she’s being shuttled off to the internet. (Variety)

When you’re a news anchor about to go on air, you should be careful what you are looking at on the internet.

If you’re looking for a little bit of competitive StarCraft, here’s an epic game from this weekend’s Red Bull Battlegrounds between Scarlett and Bomber.


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