Sunday Link-Off: Plenty to Eat at Home

hannah-davis-aerie13-02The week is over. The PlayStation 4 is out and I haven’t been left behind because I don’t own it. Similarly, I won’t be left behind because I’m not getting an Xbox One. Newsflash: Neither will you for the next six months while we wait for a  sufficient game library to roll out.

Apart from the console launch, this week brought us even more Rob Ford news. And here you were thinking that the fun was over. So let’s not delay any longer and get to the links. Here’s Hannah Davis.

Just when you thought that it was over in Toronto, the Rob Ford story got a lot more interesting over the last few days thanks to some new allegations from court documents. (Toronto Sun)

In addressing those allegations, Mayor Ford said some things that we wish he hadn’t. (Deadspin)

If you’re looking for the encyclopedia of Rob Ford buffoonery, check out this website. (

At a certain point, we have to wonder if the world has had enough of putting up with Rob Ford. (The Grid TO)

So just how does Toronto get rid of Rob Ford. (Now Toronto)

And to add injury to insult, a Global News camera man was shoved out of the way by Rob Ford’s driver trying to clear a path for the mayor. (Global News)

By the way, Ford talked about his oral sex habits while wearing a Toronto Argos jersey. What did the team think? (Toronto Star)

Meanwhile, in London, Ontario, someone took out a help wanted ad for the city’s mayor job. (Metro News)

Bad politicians aren’t isolated to Canada. The US Congress reached a new low approval rating of 9%. (Time)

Given that The Wolf of Wall Street hype train is already out of the station, how about a little primer about the real wolf of Wall Street. (Business Week)

In a worthwhile read from Slate, it’s a guide to winning on The Price is Right. (Slate)

Is your boss a psychopath? Some jobs are more inclined to psychopathy than others. (The Week)

Many people have said that Chris Farley would’ve made a perfect Rob Ford in the inevitable movie. So here’s the inevitable mashup.

Tupac is still alive. You can seem him on ESPN 2 masquerading as Keith Olbermann.


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