Wednesday Link-Off: The Scandal that Never Ends

genevieve-morton-barenecessities13-04You know, I thought that we might finally be done covering the Rob Ford crack scandal but the story just never seems to end or get old. It’s just too interesting to avoid. That and I don’t think that the media are covering any other story.

Anyway, it’s time for the links. Let’s start with blog favourite Genevieve Morton.

So that Rob Ford crack tape is from February. So was he in a drunken stupor then? (Toronto Star)

Is Rob Ford beyond help and does he just need to get out of office? (National Post)

And the Ford Brothers’ new TV show was cancelled after one episode. Sun News Network says it’s because it cost too much but I don’t think anyone is sold on that. (Globe & Mail)

You know, Rob Ford and Silvio Berlusconi are fairly similar politicians. Both are popular with their base and seemingly successful in executing their agendas. (Businessweek)

Since Mayor Ford tackled a Councillor on Monday, here’s how his football scouting report would look. (SB Nation)

Was a poorly built website or was it subjected to attacks from right-leaning groups. (Daily Kos)

Perhaps more powerful than Roger Ailes and his hosts at Fox News are the PR people who make the network more powerful than the sum of its parts. (Politico)

A Wal-Mart in Ohio is holding a food drive for its employees. You know that someone is underpaid when their own company is turning to charity to feed them. (Cleveland Plain Dealer)

Georges St. Pierre may be one of the greatest fighters in UFC history and is still a title holder but did we see the end of GSP on Saturday? (Deadspin)

If you were a pro wrestling fan back in the territories days, you knew who the second most infamous Nazi in the world was. (Slate)

Do Channing Tatum, Zac Efron and Paul Walker sound the same on Twitter? That’s because they all have the same social media manager. (LA Times)

WWE legend Jim Ross calls the action in Toronto City Hall on Monday.

And here’s what Rick Mercer has to say about Rob Ford.


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