Wednesday Link-Off: The Return

kim-cloutier-aubade14-03The Lowdown Blog is back in business this morning. And because today is Wednesday, it’s time for us to do the middle of the week set of links. Some of these links are a little old but I think they’re still important reads for you.

Let’s start today’s links with blog favourite and Canadian model Kim Cloutier.

Ontario PC party leader Tim Hudak has unofficially kicked off his election campaign with a promise to create one million new jobs. However, history shows that it’s extremely unlikely to happen. (MacLean’s)

Is the Harper Government trying to destroy science in Canada? The government is engaged in the closing of scientific libraries and destruction of documents. (Daily Kos)

The Democratic Party might be leaning towards running Hilary in the 2016 Presidential election but they’re still not in great shape to hold onto The White House. (Washington Post)

Amid the traffic controversy, a smaller but more important controversy has surrounded Chris Christie. He may have used federal disaster relief funds on TV ads that he starred in. (Think Progress)

Remember when Gawker had a mole reporting from inside Fox News? Well, that incident got Gawker editor John Cook tailed by folks hired by Fox News boss Roger Ailes. (Capital New York)

The NHL’s salary cap is going up next season. This year’s Winter Classic made a reported profit of $20 million. That may not sound like a lot but that’s for just one game. (Puck Daddy)

We missed our annual coverage of the Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction but there was one highlight that I thought I’d pass on. An ex-Michael Schumacher Ferrari F1 car sold for $1.7 million. And, yes, the new owner can drive it on track. (National Speed Sport News)

What does the Most Interesting Man in the World do when he’s not being interesting? He raises money for humanitarian efforts. (Boston Globe)

Good news! The Newsroom is getting a third season. Bad news! It’s going to be the show’s final season. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Speaking of final seasons, the fifth season of Friday Night Lights originally had a different direction before being changed to add in goodbyes. (E!)

The WWE Network could still use some original programming when it launches. I like some of these ideas. Not the Snuka one. Look up his Wikipedia page some time. (Guy Code)

I don’t know what was so bad about Richard Sherman’s post-game interview but it made for a cool mashup.

Remember Blank Check? It’s been recut into a Wolf of Wall Street-style trailer.


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