Wednesday Link-Off: Not So Super Bowl

sarah-stephens-newyorker14-01So… That was allegedly a Super Bowl. At least Bruno Mars wasn’t as bad as he could have been. And I was outscoring Denver against the spread for the first 44:59 of the game. What a sad game.

Anyway, it’s the middle of the week which means that it’s time for the links. Let’s start with Aussie model Sarah Stephens.

Woody Allen’s daughter, Dylan Farrow, talks about how her famous father molested her as a child. And Hollywood is honouring this man? (New York Times)

Gun violence in schools doesn’t seem to be on the decline. An examination of the personalities of the men involved tend to indicate some common social and psychological factors. No, it’s not video games. (Al Jazeera America)

The Conservative government is planning to introduce the “Fair Elections Act” which will allow the wealthy to make more political donations, restrict the investigative authority of the Chief Electoral Officer and tighten voter ID laws. In other words, it’s fair to Harper. Everyone else? Too damn bad. Welcome to Harper’s America Canada. (National Post)

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Sunday Link-Off: Just Super

martha-hunt-victoriassecret14-09Happy Super Bowl Sunday everyone! Hold on to your wallets today. Broncos -2 is probably going to see a lot of action on either side. I’d tell you what I’d bet but resident gambling guru Scott would say I have a gambling problem because I never win. He seldom loses so says he doesn’t have a problem. That’s how things work around here. Just like in sports, you’re judged on your win/loss record.

Anyway, it’s time for the links. Let’s kick off with Martha Hunt. (See what I did there?)

Justin Trudeau has a plan to completely overhaul the Canadian Senate. The only problem is that the way he wants to make the change may make it very difficult to make happen. (MacLean’s)

Ontario’s minimum wage is going to $11 per hour with an automatic annual increase based on inflation. But is that increase really enough? (Canadian Business)

Headline of the year all of time: Toronto Mayor Rob Ford defends fellow Canadian Justin Bieber. (Talking Points Memo)

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