Sunday Link-Off: Well, That Was a Week

martha-hunt-victoriassecret14-11Just when I thought that everything was happening at the start of the week, it just kept going. You didn’t have to the type of person to closely follow the news to know that there was all sorts of things happening in the world this week. We’ll do our best to keep you posted with this week’s links.

Since we have a lot of links from America this week, let’s start with American model Martha Hunt.

Reporter Wesley Lowery was arrested for being a reporter in Ferguson, Missouri. Here’s his account of the arrest. (Washington Post)

A reporter took to the ground in Ferguson as part of the protest movement. This is what happened. (Grantland)

Despite all the riots in Ferguson, Missouri, one question remains unanswered. Why did Michael Brown really die? (The New Yorker)

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Sunday Link-Off: Just Super

martha-hunt-victoriassecret14-09Happy Super Bowl Sunday everyone! Hold on to your wallets today. Broncos -2 is probably going to see a lot of action on either side. I’d tell you what I’d bet but resident gambling guru Scott would say I have a gambling problem because I never win. He seldom loses so says he doesn’t have a problem. That’s how things work around here. Just like in sports, you’re judged on your win/loss record.

Anyway, it’s time for the links. Let’s kick off with Martha Hunt. (See what I did there?)

Justin Trudeau has a plan to completely overhaul the Canadian Senate. The only problem is that the way he wants to make the change may make it very difficult to make happen. (MacLean’s)

Ontario’s minimum wage is going to $11 per hour with an automatic annual increase based on inflation. But is that increase really enough? (Canadian Business)

Headline of the year all of time: Toronto Mayor Rob Ford defends fellow Canadian Justin Bieber. (Talking Points Memo)

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Wednesday Link-Off: Memorial Day Hangover

martha-hunt-victoriassecret13-02Good news, we actually have links on a Wednesday this week. I thought that was questionable given that it was Memorial Day in America this week but Rob Ford is the gift that keeps on giving when it comes to links. Anyhow, let’s start with American model Martha Hunt.

Is it possible that a Rob Ford staffer was trying to find the infamous crack video? (Toronto Star)

Gawker editor John Cook says that he’s doing what needs to be done to get the Rob Ford story out and the Canadian media is too timid with their stories. I don’t think he’s entirely wrong. (PaidContent)

If you haven’t been keeping up with the whole Rob Ford saga, here’s the whole saga in chart form. (ChartGirl)

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