Wednesday Link-Off: Greatness

Well, everyone I was planning to lead off the WLO with was either eliminated or a WAG of a player eliminated from the French Open. So here’s Irina Shayk.

The Great One is coming back to the NHL… At least, in the latest EA Sports NHL video game. (Toronto Sun)

Doc Halladay laughed in the collective faces of Blue Jays fans when he pitched his first career perfect game on the weekend. But this didn’t shock one Phillies fan. (Deadspin)

Did you know there’s a cap on the number of friends you can have on Facebook? I guess #5,001 will cause Facebook to explode. (New York Times) Of course, you can like us on Facebook here.

After the jump, some athletes in trouble, an ode to Philly hockey, and barbeque failures.

Coming soon to theatres: Mass Effect the Movie. Since it’s not likely that the rumoured attachment of James Cameron will happen, who’s the next best choice to direct? (IGN)

Technically-ex-Orlando Magic player Matt Barnes isn’t fond of groupies. (James Poling)

Adam Jones sucked in the Orioles sweep at the hand of the Jays. However, he blames Canada Customs for his general suckiness. (Big League Stew

Tomorrow, I’ll have a story that’s (sorta) about parents overreacting the goings on in youth sports. For now, here’s some epic overreactions by parents. (Cracked)

There’s nothing I love more than a bad review of the new Sex and the City movie. It’s a review to warm the hearts of men. (This Is London)

In today’s photo gallery, it’s a look at athletes that have inexplicably squandered their fortunes. (Street Level)

In today’s video collection/gallery, it’s a cavalcade of barbeque failures that make your failures look pedestrian. (Deadspin)

Game three of the Stanley Cup Finals go tonight in Philadelphia. Here’s a look at some great moments in Philly hockey history, including sending the Commies home.

Just to keep things even, here’s the latest Dan Carcillo “History Will be Made” promo.

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