Sunday Link-Off: Cashing In

ivanka-trump-stuff-7Ivanka Trump because she’s one of the most overlooked women in the world. She’s also the only heiress that doesn’t need to make a sex tape to make money.

Sports Illustrated released its annual list of the highest earning athletes. It shouldn’t come as a surprise who topped the North American list (, but you might go “Oh yeah! Him.” about the man on top of the international list. (

An Aussie robbed pulled an inside job on a video game bank and converted his stolen virtual cash to real cash. His theft caused a run on the bank that ruined the game’s economy. (BBC)

A new study from my alma mater shows that banning Facebook and Twitter at work deprives employees the opportunity to develop essential skills. (UWO)

After the jump, Megan Fox, uses for R2-D2, and some people shouldn’t use fireworks.

In honour of Independence Day in America, a look at the 50 hottest American women by state. (Complex)

Megan Fox is beautiful but I’m not entirely sure she’s that bright. (The Awl)

In honour of Spike’s most recent Star Wars movie sorta-marathon, here’s a look at the 20 best uses for R2-D2. (Unreality)

The Best Damn Sports Show Period ended its run on Tuesday night. It’s amazing because I thought it would have been cancelled long ago. (The Big Lead)

For all the money put into those technological terrors called swimsuits, they aren’t very well made. An Italian swimmer found out first-hand when her’s came apart at a meet. (Daily Mail)

This afternoon is the third of seven episodes in this season of Top Gear. If you want to have even more fun watching Top Gear, try playing Top Gear bingo. (Final Gear Forums)

An Appeals Court judge in the States has an idea on how to save the print media: Stop websites from linking to each other. That makes this link kinda ironic. (Gawker)

Another look at the good and bad of athletes on Twitter. (Yahoo Sports) If you’re looking for more interesting Twitter stuff, I’m on there too. (@TheSteveMurray)

The history of the U.S. National Anthem and playing the anthem before sporting events. (Mental Floss)

Another week, another photo gallery. This week, a collection of sports moments that were perfectly frozen in time. (The Chive)

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