Sunday Link-Off: Snowfall

kate-upton-express14-01I suppose I could complain about the state of the weather right now but I’m not in Buffalo so I can still get out my front door. For all the whiteouts, terrible roads and couple of feet of snow in a week, it’s not a patch on Buffalo. Small miracles, I suppose. I’m really starting to hate climate change. Can we have global warming back?

Anyway, it’s time for the Sunday set of links. Since I haven’t featured her on the blog for a while, here’s Kate Upton.

I think I’ve mentioned before about how people try to out do people with over the top reaction. Here’s a look at social media’s descent into grief porn. (Gawker)

With Canada having just seen a “beloved” public figure have their public image shattered by reality, America is no going through the same with Bill Cosby. And while the Toronto Star had two reporters on Ghomeshi, the Washington Post had 13 cover Cosby. (Washington Post)

Before that article went up, I was going to mention that TV stations were already abandoning Cosby. (Variety)

Ever wonder why music is getting worse these days? Data analysis is being used to create songs to appeal to the masses rather than songs being created to be art. (The Atlantic)

While the UFC might brag about how safe it is inside the octagon, not all combat sports are as safe nor are the regulated as well. (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

This weekend’s Harvard/Yale game marks the ten-year anniversary of one of the greatest pranks in the history of their rivalry. (Business Insider)

How do you inflate someone’s sense of self-worth? You inflate their title to the point where it doesn’t mean anything anymore. (Wall Street Journal)

The best Jim Ross dubs of all-time? The best Jim Ross dubs of all-time. (Fox Sports)

You know all those sexiest whoever alive awards that I’ve described as “whoever Maxim can get to do a shoot this year” is actually just that. Just look at Ryan Gosling who has been the actual sexiest man alive multiple times but not officially since he keeps turning it down. (The Wrap)

It’s only been about four months since buying it but Apple has finally started to sort out plans for Beats. (New York Times)

Since Jackie had some Guardians of the Galaxy yesterday, here’s Guardians mashed up with Friends.

And since we cover a bit of Game of Thrones on the blog, it’s worth noting that Telltale’s Game of Thrones game is coming out in December.


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