Wednesday Link-Off: State of the Union

kate-upton-si13-17Alright, the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue came out yesterday and Kate Upton was on the cover. That means that we are sort of obligated to feature her today.

A day after I give Esquire a hard time over its content over on et geekera, they turn around and do a pretty good profile of the man who shot Osama bin Laden. (Esquire)

One of the big stories to come out that Esquire profile is the state of benefits for veterans. Regardless of what the truth is for the shooter, Obamacare is still a good deal. (Wonkblog)

Last night’s GOP response to the State of the Union was made by Marco Rubio. Is he the future of the Republican Party? (Washington Post)

After the jump, was the Battle of Hoth a strategic blunder, how to find Matt Damon in Morocco and zombies invade Montana.

Ahead of the State of the Union, Ian Murphy released a list of the most loathsome Americans. Is there anything more American than a list like that? (The Beast)

Giving a TED Talk looks like a pretty cool thing but it sure can be a nerve-racking experience. (Hazlitt)

Was the Battle of Hoth really a key victory for the Galactic Empire? One writer thinks that Darth Vader completely botched the strategy. (Wired)

Forbes looks at the dollars and cents of the SI Swimsuit Issue. And like I suggested on Twitter, money plays a big part in decision-making. (Forbes)

Now that they’re going to be the voice of sports at CNN, have you ever wondered how Bleacher Report became the SEO juggernaut of sports sites? One writer examined the Bleacher Report writing methodology. (The Classical)

ESPN’s sports business reporter would be considered polarizing if he was liked by anyone other than his family and employers. His problem is that he’s seemingly devoid of all human emotion. (Sports on Earth)

Ever wonder how some of Canada’s odder named places got their name? Here are the origin stories of eight Canadian locales. (Mental Floss)

Keeping in Canada, there’s a fair bit of controversy over a new cover for the classic Canadian book Anne of Green Gables. This is what happens when shit enters the public domain. (The Globe and Mail)

How do find Matt Damon while he’s filming Morocco? Go to the US Embassy and ask a lot of questions. (Slate)

It’s taken too long but a politician has finally said that video games aren’t a cause of real violence. About time someone listened to reason. (Kotaku)

On Monday, viewers of a Montana TV station were greeted by this alert from the emergency broadcast system warning of dead bodies rising from their graves and attacking the living. Goddammit, Carl! What did you do now?

If you’d rather not deal with zombies but ain’t afraid of no ghosts, check out this mashup of Super Mario Brothers and Ghostbusters.

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