Wednesday Link-Off: Mind Over Matter

I don’t know if you’ve heard but Kate Upton is kind of a big deal. I think that’s a case of matter over mind, actually.

North Korean media thinks the President of South Korea has a brain capacity of 2 MB. They’ve misunderestimated him a bit. Scientists believe that the human brain is capable of capacity in the terabytes. (Slate)

Want to ramp up your processing power? In your head, I mean. I’m still not done with your brain. Here are nine ways to make yourself smarter. (Gizmodo)

Looking for a real-life spy thriller? An inquest into the death of an MI6 agent has all the elements you would expect from a classic British spy novel. (New York Times)

After the jump, Deadspin exposes another ESPN employee, stories about the Stanley Cup Playoffs and the stories of some of most famous hackers of today.

ESPN appears to have hired (and, over the last 12 hours, fired) a con artist. Sarah Phillips, a supposed gambling expert, managed to con her way into thousands of dollars and lucrative ESPN job. (Deadspin)

One of hockey’s smartest men, Ken Dryden, compares physical play and concern for fellow players of Gordie Howe and Raffi Torres. For a player as famed/feared for his elbows as his scoring touch, Gordie is an absolute gentleman compared to Torres. (Grantland)

Here’s a classic DGB breakdown of the 2012 NHL Awards nominees. (Down Goes Brown)

Washington Capitals coach Dale Hunter is using Alex Ovechkin sparingly in the playoffs. So far, it seems to be working. (Puck Daddy)

The Hobbit will play in theatres at 48 FPS which is double the standard movie rate of 24 FPS. The conversion to the faster frame rate isn’t going over so well. (Film Drunk)

After all this time of thinking that Hollywood phone and email hacking was a bunch of PR lies, it turns out there was someone behind some of Hollywood’s biggest leaks. (GQ)

Speaking of hacking, here’s the story of GeoHot who hacked everything from the iPhone to the PS3. (New Yorker)

How do we know that Rupert Murdoch is unfit to run his media empire? One of his tabloids just discovered that the internet like cats. (Uproxx)

RIM announced their new plans for BlackBerry and the BB10 operating system. All may not be lost for the boys from Waterloo. (Engadget)

Ever want a look inside a video game company? Here’s a behind the scenes tour of Epic Games. (Kotaku)

Great NBA playoffs commercial or greatest NBA playoffs commercial? This is how the NBA promotes the playoffs in China. Why don’t we get good ads here?

The best part of this steeplechase fail wasn’t the flip but the fact that the flipping runner uploaded the video to YouTube herself.

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