Worst of Music: Katy Perry – E.T.

This week’s WoM was actually a tough decision. There were a good eight songs on this week’s Billboard Hot 100 that could be legitimate Worst of Music winners this week. (Bruno Mars’s Grenade already won the WoM and the other is Cee Lo Green’s Fuck You which I like.) So I went with the song of the week that could have been the greatest but failed miserably. I’m actually a Kanye West fan but pair him with Katy Parry and you have a WoM winner with their collaboration E.T.

I’m not a fan of the slightly 8-bit background music but this song’s failings go well beyond that. Like I said above, I like Kanye and as I’ve said before on the blog, I’m actually a fan of rap. However, giving Kanye a rap beat seems to put Katy out of her element. It sounds like she’s trying to rap with the help of a computer but it doesn’t quite work. That and all the weird sci-fi cliché slash double-entendre lyrics she sings make little to no sense, even in context. Kanye actually does a good job with this song. Even the ridiculous lyrics sound alright coming out of Kanye’s mouth.

So congrats, Katy. You’ve won the prestigious Worst of Music award for this week.

Have a better WoM candidate for next week? Drop it in the comments.



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