Entertainment Link-Off: Cheeky

alison-brie-howtobesingle16-01For one last time in this latest run, I’m substituting in for Jackie for this weekend’s entertainment and pop culture links. I thought calling myself a sub was appropriate since it’s NBA All-Star Weekend in Toronto and we all know Jackie’s fondness for basketball.

I assume that most everyone is going to the theatre shortly. There’s plenty for you to watch this week. If you’re looking for a Valentine’s rom-com, there’s How to be Single. If you want straight comedy, you can check out Zoolander 2 (but you shouldn’t). And for everyone else, there’s Deadpool.

Anyway, enough of the preamble. We should just get straight to the links. Let’s kick things off with Alison Brie who’s starring in How to be Single.

So that Deadpool movie earned a couple of dollars at the box office. It’s not Star Wars money but for an R-rated movie in February, it’s the closest equivalent. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Meanwhile, Zoolander 2 is a nostalgia act but I’m not sure anyone truly expected them to do anything but try to cash in. (The New Republic)

Just in time for Valentine’s Day who marries whom based on occupation. (Bloomberg)

Kanye and TSwift are at it again. Yeah, Kanye is being misogynistic but TayTay’s people’s story doesn’t add up either. (CeleBitchy)

It’s been an odd few weeks in the world of Kanye gossip. A couple of weeks, his ex explained one of his alleged kinks and the whole internet blew up. (Pajiba)

And one last Kanye link. He wanted famous wrestlers like Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan (umm…) at his Yeezy Season 3 thing. He didn’t quite get that level of famous wrestler. (With Spandex)

Harry Potter Part 8 is coming this summer as a book and a… play? Whatever makes them money, I guess. (et geekera)

If Margot Robbie dressed as Harley Quinn wants to give you a tattoo, you’re not going to turn her down. Just make sure that you proof your tattoo first. (Vanity Fair)

Ryan Reynolds was named Sexiest Dad Alive just in time for him to wear a mask for his latest movie. But the timeline of how he started dating Blake Lively begs some questions if you dig into it. (Lainey Gossip)

Rush Hour 3 kinda sucked but maybe Skiptrace with Jackie Chan and Johnny Knoxville will be the Rush Hour 3 we deserved.

I wasn’t particularly interested in Gods of Egypt until I realized it has Jaime Lannister battling King Leonidas. Suddenly, the whole world is interested.

One more rom com. Get a Job starring Anna Kendrick, Heisenberg, McLovin, Mr. Sulu and Annie.


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