Saturday Link-Off: Social Media Fail

january-jones-gq09-14I’m back on Saturdays. It’s good to be on the original home of the Lowdown linkdump. It’s even better to have January Jones back.

We mentioned that celebrities need to be muzzled from embarrassing themselves on Twitter. Maybe they’re already muzzling themselves and ruining Twitter for the rest of us. (NBC Dallas)

Speaking of people ruining social networking websites, it’s people like this that ruin Facebook for single guys like me. I’m glad that I’ve avoided it for the last four-ish years. (College Humor)

Some people shouldn’t be allowed to make any decisions for themselves. For example, an American guy is suing the Bank of America for a stupidly/fictionally large amount of money. (BBC)

After the jump, skating with the stars, loads of ice escapades, and let the Phillies (fans) hit the floor. Continue reading


The Humanoids: Ending a Long Week

It’s been a long week. For some, it’s been a pretty good week. For others, they’re happy that its the weekend. Unless you’re the Toronto Maple Leafs or a fan of them. Either way, come Saturday night, you’re going to have to drink off some of the night’s memories.

Sorry for the lack of a long spiel up top. I’ve been swamped with real work and radio/blog work. The good news is that the next episode of the radio show is next week. It’s on Tuesday at 6:30PM EDT on radio in London, ON or online here. The next episode is all about The Beatles and zombies (and the usualĀ assorted stuff). It’s easily my favourite episode of the new season and is easily on my Top 10 list of favourite episodes. Continue reading