Wednesday Link-Off: Strange But True

katherine-heigl-gq2Katherine Heigl has a new movie coming out this weekend. She hopes that it does well because she’s managed to piss off Grey’s Anatomy writers. I can sleep soundly at night knowing both Grey’s and The Ugly Truth will flop.

The King is back to haunt our dreams. Burger King is sponsoring a Spanish soccer team and expect the King to make regular in-game appearances. (Deadspin)

I knew that you could drive a car without legs but I didn’t think it was possible to ride a motorcycle without arms. (Ananova)

Normally I wouldn’t complain about criminals getting locked up for a long time but this might be excessive. A man steals five CDs from Wal-Mart and gets life in prison. He still got off lighter than if he were to try to start a union in Wal-Mart. (Houston Chronicle)

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